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Mizzou Links, 8-6-10

The two most beautiful words in the English language...


  • The Trib (Dave Matter): BTS Camp Report: Day 1 is done
    Not in attendance was junior defensive lineman Chris Earnhardt, who Pinkel said has left the team and intends to transfer. The Springfield native played in 12 games over the last two seasons, shifting from defensive end to tackle. … Positions are fluid for newcomers the first few weeks of camp, but here’s where the first-year offensive linemen lined up for their stretching drills: Nick Demien at right guard, Mitch Morse at right tackle, Anthony Gatti at left tackle and Chris Freeman at center. (I’ll have more on Freeman shortly.) Pinkel emphasized that the young linemen are nowhere near locked in to those positions. … Taking turns returning punts included CB Carl Gettis, WR T.J. Moe and freshman CB Tristen Holt.
    Considering his role as a third-string 'tweener, it's been hard not to assume Earnhardt would look to transfer at some point. Also: Chris Freeman, a 6'8 center?
  • PowerMizzou: Camp is underway
    Bud Sasser jumped out at me too. He was taller than I expected and thicker. I saw him standing next to Marcus Lucas and I really don't think Sasser was giving up two inches. I think you're going to see at least two true freshman wideouts skip the redshirt.

    Kony Ealy is built like Aldon Smith. Not Aldon Smith as a true freshman. Aldon Smith now.
    PowerMizzou: 2010 fall camp opener photos
    PowerMizzou: Gary Pinkel after practice (video)
  • Blog: Mizzou Football Camp Report - Aug. 5th
    The play of the day went to redshirt freshman WR Kerwin Stricker, who made an acrobatic diving catch late in the day during 7-on-7 drills. Stricker, who also had an impressive spring camp, laid out for the ball, gathered in the pass on his finger tips, and managed to hang onto the ball as he rolled over on the ground for what would have been about a 45-yard gain...

    Several freshmen were noticed as stand outs on Thursday. Freshman QB James Franklin, who was with the team for spring ball, began camp as the primary backup to Blaine Gabbert, and Franklin had an impressive day one, as he showed his considerable skills running the second-string offense. Fellow freshman QB Tyler Gabbert also made some outstanding throws on the day, with one of them going to freshman TE Eric Waters, who turned the pass into a big gainer before being tagged down by a defender...
  • KC Star: Everyone present on first day of football practice

    Tailback Derrick Washington, center Tim Barnes, linebacker Luke Lambert and defensive back Kevin Rutland will serve as team captains this season.

    Barnes is a man of few words and Lambert a man of fewer words. Rutland, Washington said, "will get up there, but I think I’m the most outspoken."

  • KC Star: Mizzou's receiver corps is already standing tall

    On Wednesday, Pinkel addressed all the freshmen, assuring every player that if he was ready to compete at the top level then he could count on playing. Don’t get discouraged by starting out at the bottom of the list.

    "The Maclins, the Coffmans," Lucas said, "everybody starts at the bottom. You have to earn your spot. It’s not going to be given."

    Hunt made a rather odd comparison on the nature of the competition he and Lucas and Sasser face just now.

    "There’s always been competition, no matter what you did," Hunt said. "If you’re bowling, there’s competition. All you can do is work hard and hope that the coaches notice."

  • The Missourian: MU football players mark first day of practice

    Gabbert, who enters his second season as the starting quarterback, said that he's better prepared for this season after playing in 2009.

    Gabbert has a new batch of wide receivers, Lucas among them. Gabbert called the group "awesome," and that the depth at the position was an asset to the team. Gabbert is also in the process of finding a new go-to guy for the 2010 season. In seven-on-seven drills, Jerrell Jackson auditioned well for the role. Gabbert found Jackson several times with low passes through traffic — passes that Jackson slid and caught below the hands of the coverage.

    Gabbert said that Jackson was making his decisions easy.

    "He's open. It would be stupid not to throw him the football."

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Other Mizzou Football Links

Mizzou's shown up twice on ESPN's "House of Pain" list of the 50 most painful losses of all-time. And only one of them has been for a Mizzou loss!  We've shown up at No. 38 for beating Iowa State in 2004 (preventing them from winning the North) and, of course, No. 19 for the Flea Kicker.  Only the top ten remains, and I've gotta say ... if the Fifth Down ends up in the top ten, I disagree.  For me, the Flea Kicker was much tougher to take, probably because a) we were actually good, and the game seemed to mean more than just some random upset, and b) Nebraska 1997 was better than Colorado 1990.  Also: c) I was there in 1997.  That helps.

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Mizzou (and Big 12) Basketball Links

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): MU vs Georgetown in KC
  • Kansas
    KC Star: KU's Josh Selby reportedly hasn't been cleared by NCAA for basketball
    NY Times: Big 12 Defections Force Kansas to Sing a New Tune
  • Rush the Court: NCAA Releases Coaches' Academic Progress Rating Database
  • Rush the Court: The Spoon (Charlie Spoonhauer) Awaits Lung Transplant, But Gets A Nice Assist
  • Big 12 Tops the Nation in Academic All-America Selections

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