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Mizzou Links, 8-8-10

Alright, fine, we'll do the weekend links thing again.  But don't expect this every weekend.  And seriously...tomorrow's links post is going to be everything BUT Mizzou football at this point...

Practice reports

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Saturday Recap
    Freshman WR Jimmie Hunt is making people take notice. Running down the middle of the field, Hunt turned and snatched an Ashton Glaser pass with one hand and corralled it for the completion, easily the finest catch of the preseason. "Somebody’s going to be moving down the depth chart," a teammate cackled after the dazzling catch. Hunt, who didn’t know if he’d be fully qualified to enroll until July, also continues to get looks at punt returner. "It was a great catch from what everybody told me," Hunt said. "I’m happy I made the catch, but I’ve got to go take that catch and now move on to the next big catch." I’m hesitant to shower praise on any newcomer until the full pads come out, but Hunt has the early makings of a playmaker for this offense. After practice, Hunt got caught making a rookie mistake: He misplaced his pads and jersey. Long after his teammates had gone inside, Hunt wandered around the practice field looking for them, all but giving up hope he'd find them on his own. "You're No. 88, right? They're right here" veteran WR Wes Kemp said, discovering an 88 jersey and pads lying near the door to the facility, apparently in the one spot Hunt forgot to look.
  • Blog: Mizzou Football Practice Report, Aug. 7th
    When the #1 offense and #1 defense went against each other, QB Blaine Gabbert sold a screen play really well and hit TB Derrick Washington a little delay/slip screen that Washington took upfield for a big gain, thanks to some great blocking by the line and receivers. A few plays later, Gabbert avoided pressure and hit WR Jerrell Jackson on a crossing route for a 15-yard gain. But the defense also had their highlights, with senior co-captain LB Luke Lambert leading the way with a tackle behind the line of TB De'Vion Moore. Shortly after that, DT Terrell Resonno, DE Aldon Smith and LB Zaviar Gooden all showed great pursuit to string out a sweep by Washington, to hold him for little to no gain...
  • PowerMizzou: Weekend workout
    T.J. Moe and Jerrell Jackson have emerged as the guys that look like they are the most popular targets for quarterbacks, along with Egnew. On the first two teams, those guys just seem to be getting more passes thrown their way.

    One pass intended for Moe didn't make it. Will Ebner tipped the ball and Jarrell Harrison picked it off. On another pass for Moe down the middle, redshirt freshman safety Matt White came into to tip it away at the last moment.
    PowerMizzou: August 7th practice photos
    PowerMizzou: Missouri's defensive line in action
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): MU Saturday practice: A sideline-clearing scuffle

    Wide receiver Jerrell Jackson and safety Jasper Simmons mixed it up midway through Missouri’s third day of August football drills, precipitating players rushing to an offense vs. defense shoving match that included linebacker Luke Lambert throwing receiver Rolandis Woodland aside like a rag doll.

    "As long as it doesn’t get out of hand, which it generally will," said coach Gary Pinkel, taking a boys-will-be-boys approach. "You talk about emotional stability and obviously a couple of guys got cranked up there. ... You’re also wasting time."

  • Fox Sports MW: Tiger Camp Notebook: August 7

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib: NEWCOMER PROFILE: OL Chris Freeman
  • The Trib: Linebacker depth put to the test
  • The Missourian: Jackson and Washington want 2010 to pay big for Missouri

    The concept of "get money" started in the summer. During seven-on-seven practices, away from the Missouri coaches, Washington and Jackson decided the Tigers needed a saying to get their teammates excited. "Get money" was created.

    "Me and Jerrell were just taking one day and he said 'we gotta get money this year,'" Washington said. "And I said 'you know what, you're right.'"

    Now, Jackson and Washington are smart guys — Jackson was second-team academic all-Big 12 in 2009 — and they know their new catchphrase could be misconstrued by an outsider. Even so, they're not worried about the NCAA knocking on their door.

    "We don't mean it like that (literally)," Washington said. "It's the players' call. You're going to hear it a lot."

    Jackson said that "get money" is just a way to keep the offense loose and having fun.

    "That's what you got to do during two-a-days," Jackson said. "If you're not having fun, it's going to be worse."

  • PowerMizzou: Coach's corner with Josh Henson