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PHOTO GALLERY: Mizzou 50, McNeese State 6

Bill Carter claimed to be "rusty" when he sent me this week's pics.  Can't wait to see what ensues when the rust is shaken off, eh?

Leaving the tunnel

Celebrating De'Vion Moore's cutback touchdown

I'm impressed with you, Michael Sam.

T.J. Moe is on pace for 150 catches over a 13-game season.

Everybody's new favorite Mizzou running back.

Marcus Murphy didn't look too bad himself.

Kemp wasn't asked to do much. When opponents adjust to the horizontal passing, and Mizzou attempts to go deep, he'll need to produce.

Barnes and the offensive line did their job with few issues.

Hunter vs. Hunted

Moe breaks loose.

Andrew Wilson acquitted himself well in his first career start.  TONS of freshmen and redshirt freshmen making an impact.

SleepyFloyd7 looks ... unimpressed by Henry Josey's breakaway.  How high are your standards, Sleepy??? And what about you, Linker??

Kevin Rutland says..."YOINK!"

Michael Egnew fights for yards.

De'Vion Moore's eyes are, um, intense.

Brad Madison: explosive.

Michael Sam: explosive.

Most of Michael Egnew's catches end up looking like this.

Blaine Gabbert sets the single-game completion percentage record, and almost nobody notices.

Kip Edwards has been outstanding close to the line of scrimmage.

Me, after Carl Gettis' punt return touchdown was called back: "But...we already celebrated!"

T.J. Moe has gotten more touches than any Mizzou running back ... and almost as many hits.

Andrew Gachkar has been hit-or-miss so far. He gets lost, then he makes a big play.

Matt Grabner: 7 punts, FOUR downed inside the 20.

Zaviar Gooden: fast.

James Franklin struggled at times in his debut (so did Chase Daniel), but his accuracy was strong... was his running ability.

Jeff Gettys gets some love!

Jared Culver (looking awfully Abron-like) gets some love!