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Mizzou COMMUNITY Links, 9-14-10

Yep, Mediacom screwed me again this morning, so I'm turning it over to the community.  Share some links!  Whatchu got?  And does anybody know of an AT&T wireless connect card that doesn't run $60/month? I swear ... between Mediacom and AT&T, my internet/cell connectivity is worse now than it was five years ago.  Le sigh.


KBIA Sports Extra
Freshman in the spotlight on Josey Monday

Shortly after, linebacker Will Ebner walked by and attempted to rattle Josey by making an assortment of faces while hiding behind cameras. But, yet, Josey remained as unfazed as he was by McNeese State’s defense. Next came defensive end Michael Sam, whose eyes lit up when he saw Josey surrounded by reporters.

"It’s Mr. Mizzou! Mr. Three Touchdowns!" Sam exclaimed upon entering the lobby.

MIssouri announces 2010-11 basketball schedule

Pinkel expects tough game for Missouri football against San Diego State

Egnew has revived tight end position at Mizzou
Pinkel plays down return of Ebner, Brinkley to field