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Mizzou Links, 9-2-10

First things first: for those thirsting for a Fastest 40 Minutes podcast, our schedules have just been too crazy to knock one out.  However, you can tide yourself over with the KBIA Sports Extra Weekly Podcast ... you might find a couple of voices you recognize...


  • KC Star: Former Rockhurst quarterback Scheelhaase says one loss has inspired him
  • Peoria Journal-Star: Cupboard never bare at Missouri

Derrick Washington

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Missouri permanently suspends Washington
  • The Missourian: Derrick Washington permanently suspended from MU football team
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Washington's Mizzou football career is over
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Washington family surprised by MU's actions
  • KC Star: Wary of another Clemons fiasco, MU acted too fast on Washington

    Washington, MU’s star running back from Raymore-Peculiar High, has been given the oddly termed "permanent suspension" even before being able to defend himself against a class C felony charge of deviate sexual assault.

    It’s an odd brand of justice that Missouri administrators — this goes way beyond football coach Gary Pinkel — need to be sure about. Washington hasn’t told his side of the story publicly yet, and the alleged victim moved and did not show up for a court appearance to extend a protection order against Washington.

    The school’s response goes back to Clemons, a well-intentioned administration misapplying lessons of its own past mistakes.

    As it turned out, Clemons deserved the swift and decisive punishment given to Washington, but that doesn’t mean Washington does.

  • PowerMizzou: Washington's career over for Tigers
  • KBIA Sports Extra: Derrick Washington "permanently suspended" from Missouri football program
  • Post-Dispatch: MU's Washington 'permanently' suspended
  • Missouri bans Derrick Washington from football activities

Kendial Lawrence, Et Al

More football links, plus the Big 12 and Tony Mitchell, after the jump.

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib: Crime wave defies easy blame game
    This isn’t a problem with blitz pick-up, it is a problem with blitzed people in pickups. If it were fixable, jails would be hotels and criminal lawyers would be offensive coordinators. Other than the hours the team is together, Pinkel has no control over the behavior of his players and coaches. What he controls are the selection of the players and coaches and the punishment when rules are broken.

    In that sense, Pinkel says he is running his program no different now than he ever has. I’m not so sure these players are behaving any differently than they did in Pinkel’s previous nine seasons, either. They are getting caught more. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, first-time DWI offenders have driven drunk an average of 87 times before being arrested, so even the persistent weekend offender might make it a few years before the colorful lights appear in the rearview mirror. Surely other women have considered — and decided against — reporting assaults involving football players in the past. It’s not so much a now problem as an always problem.

    If you judge a coach’s control of his program by the number of players arrested, Missouri’s football facility is currently the Delta House. A more reasonable measure of a coach’s long-term commitment to social responsibility is whether he frequently takes chances on risky recruits and whether he metes out justice with a blind eye to yards-after-catch.

  • The Trib: T.J. Moe: With the zeal of a convert
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Ready for some football
  • PowerMizzou: Into the fire
  • Fox Sports MW: Tiger Camp Notebook: September 1

Big 12 Football Links


  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Missouri releases statement on Mitchell's status
  • The Trib: Mitchell ruled out for at least first semester

    "Tony’s case with the NCAA Eligibility Center remains under review, as has been the case for quite some time," Coach Mike Anderson said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon. "However, with our fall enrollment deadline having passed, he will be unable to join our program at this time. We remain hopeful Tony will be able to join us at a point later in the season. With that being said, we are excited about this team and look forward to the 2011 season."

    Earlier in the day, basketball recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer posted a message on his Twitter account saying that Mitchell had been ruled ineligible. He cited Mitchell’s former AAU coach as the source of that information.

    Anderson’s statement refutes Meyer’s reporting in that no final determination has actually been made, but it does not change his status for the fall semester. He won’t be eligible to play when the Tigers open their season in November.

    The likelihood of Mitchell joining the program in the second semester remains uncertain.

  • The Missourian: Mitchell won't join MU basketball for fall semester
  • KBIA Sports Extra: Report: Mitchell not yet eligible, hopes to play second semester?
  • PowerMizzou: Mitchell not eligible, but not ruled out
  • Blog: Top Missouri recruit (almost certainly) ineligible

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Set for Pepperdine
    KBIA Sports Extra: Missouri volleyball receives votes in latest AVCA poll
    The Missourian: MU volleyball's dancing duo entertain teammates
  • Mizzou Soccer
    The Missourian: Missouri freshman adjusts to college soccer
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Catching Up With the Tigers: Q&A with Shakara Jones
  • Mizzou Cross-Country Cross Country Opens Season Friday