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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - With Kim English and Mike Dixon giving their final tweets, it seems Mike Anderson doesn’t allow tweeting during the season. If you were the coach of a major D1 program, would you do the same?

2 - QUESTION #1. So, we saw the reaction video to the late-second loss from SDSU fans. What loss reaction video would you like to see of any fan base, of any sport, ever?

Bonus Question: What reaction video would you like to see from a Mizzou related event? Loss or win, or both!

3 - Gotta ask ... on which mascot would you unleash a premeditated-a-year-in-advance attack?

4 - What was the best show you ever saw at the Blue Note in Columbia? They are celebrating 30 years this year.
If you are from another town, what is the smallish club that you frequent to see live music? What was your favorite show there?

Alright, fellas ... Atch is out today (and I have no idea if Doug will be around or not), and the gauntlet has been thrown down ... time to bring the A-game.  I've even brought in a ringer because, quite frankly, I don't think you can get it done.  PROVE ME WRONG.  Ladies, and gentlemen ... Robert Loggia!

No?  He couldn't make it?  Fine.  Sigh.  Ladies and gentlemen, The Beef.

The Beef: #1 – Being that I have never tweeted, I suppose I don’t have a fair answer to this.  However, if my players can somehow get unfocused after typing 160 characters, then I don’t think Twitter is my biggest issue.

#2 – So this says QUESTION #1…but it was #2.  Which is it?  As for me, considering the gut-punches I have experienced as a Mizzou fan over the years, I don’t really celebrate the failure of others too much.  Insert random kU loss reaction video here I guess.

#3 – Why on earth would I want to relive a Mizzou loss?  Seriously?  This is a question?

#4 – I saw Chip and Bevo throw down pretty good back about 10 years ago at the Big XII Tourney in KC and enjoyed it.  But as a former mascot, I do not condone mascot on mascot violence

#5 – Has to be Run DMC where I was accidently joked by one of them while working security for the show

You need me to spell my name?  T for The Beef.  H for "Holy cow, that’s The Beef". E for everyone loves The Beef……

(45 minutes later...)

ZouDave: 1 - I don't think I'd tell these kids that they can't be kids.  I want them obeying laws, like no drinking and driving, that sort of thing.  But tweeting is something people of their age do, and I wouldn't take that away without provocation.  If one of them started embarrassing themselves or my program, honestly I'd expect the team captains to take care of it before I even had to get involved.

2 - I think the fan reaction to "AND THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD!" would have been pretty freaking priceless.

As for Mizzou, I'd love to see the bar's reaction at BWW where I was watching the Mizzou vs kansas game where Mr. Coffee sank that game-winner just a couple of years ago.  That place went absolutely insane, me included.  But being in the middle of it I didn't get to soak it all in properly.  It was a good mix of kansas and Missouri fans, and the elation of one side juxtaposed against the shock of the other had to have been epic.  I'd also LOVE to see a fan reaction of "SESAY!  SESAY!  BOOM BOOM SESAY!" or possibly "SAFETY!  BINGO!  BALLGAME!".

But no, I don't want to relive any Mizzou losses that would be worthy of seeing a fan reaction.  And to hell with you for even asking that question.

3 - Well I think we know Bill C would be going after:

But I think it's pretty much a given that I would take down Big Jay given the opportunity.  But it wouldn't have to be premeditated, I'd just be looking for an opening and then I'd go on instinct.

4 - Well I've seen exactly one concert at The Blue Note, and it was just 2 months ago when I saw Band of Horses there.  But it was really, really awesome.  The one thing I couldn't get over was that they apparently were letting middle-school aged kids drink.  What?  You mean that's what 21-year old girls look like now?  Ugh.

The Beef: Oh thank god…I thought I was the only one around today.  We may be doomed against Miami

ZouDave: For someone so caught up on numbering, Beef, you seemed to be inventing numbers with your answering below.  There was no question #5, and your answer #3 was a subset of question #2.

You're like Brett Favre coming out of retirement 2 weeks before the season starts.  The mind just isn't there yet and you're throwing bad interceptions.  This is what we get when Jared Connelly flies over to St. Louis to beg you to save our season.

The Beef: Not my fault the schedule is tougher this year than it was last year when I came out of retirement…I mean…um…nothing?

ZouDave: I do love the pictures of your daughter sleeping through sporting events.  Good looking kid you made there, Beefaroni.

The Beef: Thanks…we will see if she can make it 4 for 4 on both wins and sleeping through them this weekend.  She may have the CU game still left on the season, but once the weather turns, I imagine she will have to sleep through them at home

(30 minutes later...)

ZouDave: apparently it's just you and me then?  At least you are not alone.  And that was in no way meant to be a reference to this song

The Beef: Indeed…this Roundtable appears to be all sorts of Teh Suck

ZouDave: Any guesses as to what Mizzou is going to look like on Saturday?  Renewed focus?  Scared, tight players trying not to make mistakes?  Will TJ Moe wear a cape onto the field?

I think we're going to see more of the same from Mizzou, because I definitely believe the coaches think what they're doing is supposed to be working and it's just about executing better.  To a point, they're right.  We're better than our opponent, we have good players and good plays, they just need to make them work.  So I'm hoping the players take it upon themselves to just relax and play football.  Don't press, don't panic, carry out your assignment and CATCH THE DAMN BALL!

But also, no more option pitch.  That play can go.

Are Lambert and/or Simmons supposed to be back this week?  I've lost track.  Hoping we can subsidize the loss of Aldon Smith by getting 2 other starters back.

The Beef: I thought I knew that those two might be back for this week, but honestly…there should be little point.  Those two (with Smith) are going to be big players for us on defense going forward, so giving them two more weeks seems to make plenty of sense to me.  Especially at LB where Wilson needs the reps, since he is going to be there playing next year anyway with the graduation of Lambert and Gachkar.

I don’t think you see much different from us in terms of play calling, and if anything, it may go back to how it was against McNeese, with just real simple stuff.

ghtd36: You know, I woke up this morning saying, "Gosh, I hope Robert Loggia joins us on the Roundtable." And then Bill teases me like that. What a dick.

1 - I would absolutely do the same thing, without question. There is ZERO upside to letting players Tweet. It can only serve to get them in trouble. Don't get me wrong: I've enjoyed Kimmeh and Predator's Twitter presence, but that's as a fan, not as a coach. If I were a coach, I'd be afraid that they'd go all Martellus Bennett and write a rap rhyming the star player's name with a homosexual slur, or that they'd go all Shawn Marion and end every Tweet with "that's what's up," or that they'd go all Most Mizzou Fans and shout incoherently about how firing the offensive coordinator would represent progress for the football program.

2 - I consider myself a bit of a schadenfreude connoisseur, so this was a difficult question. The key is to identify an obnoxious, braggadocio fanbase, and think of their worst loss. I think OU against Boise State would be pretty classic. Red Sox fans reacting to Aaron Boone's homer would be quite wonderful. Cowboys fans reacting to "The Catch" would be awesome. Texas on the Crabtree catch. Lots to choose from here.

As for the bonus question, Marcus Denmon's 75-footer against Memphis, no question.

3 - This is going to sound weird, but I cannot stand the Rangers' mascot. Rangers Captain is a horse. A HORSE. IT WALKS ON TWO LEGS AND WEARS A G-DAMN UNIFORM. Ugh. It embarrasses me.

4 - I only saw one show at the Blue Note in my tenure there, but it was awesome: Pat Green. The intimate nature of the venue made the show, despite the fact that he couldn't play "Southbound 35" since it starts with the line, "What the hell am I doing here in Kansas City?".

The Beef: Why couldn’t he sub out Kansas City with Columbia?  Last time I checked, they were the same amount of syllables at least

ghtd36: The song's about having to get out of Kansas City and get, instead, to Texas. I don't think that would jive with the Missouri faithful.

ZouDave: maybe because southbound 35 is nowhere near Columbia?

Now, he could also have called the song "Eastbound 70", AND substituted Columbia for Kansas City, and just had a whole new song.  But I'm betting there's other things in there that reference that too.

Bill C.: Missourians thrive on being spurned. I think it would have gone over well.

The Beef: Don’t get me wrong…I don’t have the first goddamn clue who the author of this song is…but if it is a popular song, then people will just have to get over it

ZouDave: It does seem rather odd to have a song you can sing in literally one venue

ghtd36: If that venue is "Anywhere besides Missouri", I think Pat Green will take that deal.

RPT: In fact, an entire generation of Texas musicians have taken that deal.

The Beef: Speaking of Texas, should we talk about where we figure the 15-16 million dollars being kept away from CU and NU ends up going?  Surely it can’t actually be 1.5-1.6 million to each remaining school….can it?

ZouDave: What, and be fair and equitable?  The hell you say.

Texas will get 5 million
A&M will get 5 million
Oklahoma will get 5 million.
The other 7 can split whatever is left over and send notarized thank-you card to the other 3 schools for that privilege.


RPT: Don't the power schools of UT/TAMU/OU/TTU (I nearly threw up having to include the last one as a "power school") get to divide the withheld money amongst themselves as their reward for continuing to grace us with the benevolent blessing of their presence? Am I making this up?

The Beef: That was a rumor at one point…but I recall thinking I remember it being shot down…can someone just ask the dude from Orangebloods or wherever?  Surely he knows.

ZouDave: "I do know.  And don't call me Shirley."

ghtd36: Tell you what: just give Rock M Nation the money, and they'll disburse it appropriately.

RPT: So, Rock M Nation receives $16 million from the Big 12. What are the top three orders of business with this financial windfall?

The Beef: #1 – BabyTheBeef college fund

#2 – Permanent subsidizing of the Tailgate

#3 – The Jenna Haze box (yes…I said it) set collection for Atch

ZouDave: #1 - Promotional Golden Watermelon Balls of Fury purchased for giveaways at tailgate.

#2 - Ceremonial nunchuks of thrusting, caste from the tears of Colorado hurdle victims, shipped to Chase Coffman.


ghtd36: Put 50% in the blue chips: Trans-Atlantic Zeppelin, Malcomated Spats Company, Congreves Inflammable Powders, US Hay, and the up-and-coming Baltimore Opera Hat Company.

ZouDave: Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.

ghtd36: I know that there are mixed opinions on Deadspin, but today is a truly glorious day.

It's the Fire Joe Morgan Re-Reunion.

Doug: Hitting the road tomorrow. Today, inane Round Table answers!

1 - I would allow players to have a Facebook or Twitter account, but I would make damn sure the Facebook account was as private as possible and the Twitter account was protected as well. You have to allow people to do dumb things, and hopefully learn from them. And, when they do make stupid decisions on-line that have public consequences, make them face the music, like Bill Self did with Tyshawn Taylor.

2 - I really enjoyed a video from the 2008 Final Four where a North Carolina fan slowly lost his cool as the Tarheels were down big to KU early on, came back and then collapsed in the last 10 minutes or so of the game.

3 - The Western Kentucky Hilltopper... cause it's just so damn weird.

4 - I guess the Bottleneck in Lawrence is the place to go for live music, but I never had a lot of time for it in college.

(30 minutes later...)

ghtd36: One dip for the rest of your life.


The Beef: As in to eat?  Ross’s mom’s corn dip wins.

As in to chew?  Kodiak I guess

As in to swim?  Mediterranean Sea I suppose

ZouDave: One what?

ghtd36: Dip. As in with chips or crackers.

The Beef: RPT’s mother wins

…and I will just leave it at that

RPT: Am I un-American for preferring guac to queso?

The Beef: The Tailgate Queen would agree with you, so you have that going for you...which is nice

ZouDave: Well apparently I need to try RPT's mom.   Err, her dip.  Something.

There's a family friend of ours that is a proud Mizzou alum and she and her husband are pretty big donors to TSF as well, she makes a corn dip that is absolutely out of this world.  I would have to choose that, pending a comparison with RPT's mom.

As far as something you can get from the store, though, you ALL need to go get a jar of Mrs. Renfro's Mango Habenero salsa.  It is absolutely magnificent.  I highly recommend refrigerating it first, though, because as good as it is it tastes even better cold.

ghtd36: I actually prefer guac to queso as well, though I will admit that it is easier to screw up guac than it is to screw up queso.

The Beef: I have been wanting to try their corn and black bean salsa…as that is my preferred type of salsa when available.

ghtd36: Which then brings about the great salsa debate:

I, for one, prefer only medium salsa AT WORST. Maybe that makes me a wuss, but if you overpower it with heat, it loses flavor. I'm in it for the flavor.

Bill C.: I've been on a salsa verde kick lately.  Just thought I should share.


ZouDave: Then Bill, you're in luck.  This is also an excellent, EXCELLENT salsa:

The Beef: That is good of you, since I am not sure you answered your own questions yet (such as they were)

I too prefer the medium salsa, and for many of the same reasons.  I am still somewhat new to a lot of heat, as we just did not eat food like that when I was growing up.  I have built up my "tolerance" to it now somewhat, but I too don’t love overpowering burn (of either pepper or jalapenos/hotter peppers)

ghtd36: Hi. I'm ZouDave, spokesman on behalf of Mrs. Renfro's Salsa, Inc. Do you like salsa? More importantly, do you like NOT BEING A TOTAL JACKWAGON?!? Then buy Mrs. Renfro's Salsa! It's tasty...and IT WILL KEEP THE DEMONS INSIDE ME FROM ESCAPING THROUGH MY PORES IN ORDER TO WREAK VENGEFUL HAVOC UPON YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

Available at Schnucks!

ZouDave: I've had their Chipotle Corn salsa, I was unimpressed.  Decent flavor, nothing special, and no kick to speak of.

I'm also apparently on the other end of the spectrum from Greg.  My salsa STARTS at medium, anything below that is just ketchup.  It can't just be fire, obviously, and has to have flavor as well but if it isn't going to be hot then it needs to be guac or extremely cheesy.  Salsa should make you sweat at least a little.  When I go to a Mexican restaurant and they bring out their free salsa, I always have to add a few squirts from the hot sauce on the table to my bowl.

And that's why the mango habenero is so perfect.  It burns, but not to the pain.  It just really lets you know it's there.  And the mango flavor with it is perfection.


/Beef's dad that I imagine being a lot like the dad from A Christmas Story

The Beef: Not terribly that far off really.  Not a lot of spice and flavor in baked chicken 2-3 times per week

ZouDave: and yet you'll soak peppers in vodka for 6 months to make a perfect bloody mary?


The Beef: 2 days minimum, but yes…as I said…I am getting there in terms of burn I can tolerate/enjoy, but it did not come from my parents.

RPT: /RMN awaits compensation from Mrs. Renfro's

Side note: Is the chipotle the king of the widely available peppers?
Phil Steele says 80 percent of his sets say yes.

ZouDave: give me a bottle of Mrs. Renfro's salsa and a 6-pack of Bob's 47, I'll give you a highlight video.

And not before.

ghtd36: Speaking of alcoholic beverages, a couple weeks ago, the ghtd36gf and I went on a long-weekend trip to San Antonio and Austin. Good times, but the highlight was discovering this:

Real Ale Devil's Backbone, brewed in Blanco, TX. 8.1% ABV, or as I like to think of it, 8.1% FUN BY AWESOME.

ghtd36: Maureen Ponderosa!


The Beef: I remember eating at Ponderosa, but I have a feeling that is not what you are referencing.

So…like most thing which come from you, my response is, "I’ve got nothing"

… or "Stop hating Alden"

ghtd36: "I've got nothing."

--ZouDave's Sister, when asked to name a man she hasn't slept with

Doug: Boom.

(Two hours later...)

ZouDave: That was weak, and none of you got the Always Sunny reference?