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Mizzou Links, 9-29-10

Mizzou Football Links

  • KBIA Sports Extra: Derrick Washington out, tailback by committee in
  • KBIA Sports Extra: Michael Egnew, T.J. Moe, and a shift in Missouri's passing attack

    JJ: Is Gabbert taking off early because he’s only going through two reads, or are Jackson and Kemp really not getting themselves open enough to warrant being targeted? Jackson’s case is especially puzzling, as he was usually Gabbert’s second choice after Alexander in the back end of 2009. In the final three regular season games, Jackson caught 19 passes for 274 yards; in his first three games of 2010 (he didn’t play against Miami), he’s caught 11 passes for 140 yards. Maybe some lingering effects of his hand injury suffered before the season are behind that, or maybe Gabbert really isn’t looking to Jackson as one of his main targets anymore. That Kemp hasn’t been as involved in the offense isn’t as surprising as Jackson’s lack of involvement given that he never caught more than four passes in a game his sophomore year. Going back to Egnew, though, we asked this question a few weeks ago: Will he be the next great tight end at Missouri? Is that too big a burden to place on him after four non-conference games?

    Ross: Well there’s no doubt about one thing: Kemp certainly worked himself WIDE open on his touchdown reception against Miami. That made the separation he got on his touchdown catch against Illinois in 2009 look laughable. That, my friends, is the beauty of playaction. Kemp may struggle with separation at times, but you take that considering that he might rank with Tommy Saunders as the best downfield blocker Missouri has had in the receiving corps in the last five or six years. As for Jackson, I’ve got to wonder how much his wrist injury is affecting him. The drops against San Diego State were something you simply can’t accept from a receiver who was expected to be your number one threat entering the year. I think we’ll know when Jackson is healthy because I think Gabbert and offensive coordinator David Yost will expand the ways in which they try to get him the football. Think 2009 Kansas with Jackson on the motion sweep. As for Egnew, the "next great tight end" label is tremendously unfair, but I totally understand the question being asked. He may not ever be Martin Rucker or Chase Coffman. He may be better for all I know (though I doubt it). But he’s something Missouri DESPERATELY needed a season ago: he’s a chain-mover. Of his 33 receptions, 15 have gone for first downs. Which now I must ask in return: Has Missouri evolved from the "Danario = explosive gains" offense into a more methodical chain-moving type of approach?

  • The Missourian: Michael Sam makes good first impression on Missouri football team
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
  • PowerMizzou: Tiger recruiting mailbag

Big 12 Football Links

Mizzou & Big 12 Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling Tigers Ranked No. 10 By
  • Mizzou Volleyball Volleyball Renews Border Showdown at Kansas


  • NY Post: Big East considers adding TCU

    "We are in a situation that requires us to evaluate and analyze all our options including expansion and television," said a source close to the league who requested anonymity. "There are a dozen or so schools that we’re looking at."

    Two sources said the TCU discussion developed recently. The school’s tradition, academics and recent success have lifted the university’s profile. TCU (4-0) is ranked fifth in the polls and many believe it is currently the best team in Texas.

  • SB Nation: Big East Conference pursuing TCU For Membership, According to Sources
  • Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: When You Think Of The Big East, Think Of TCU And DePaul
  • CBS Sports: TCU to Big East? Then it can't be the 'Big East'

When the Big 12 South (and Colorado) was considering the whole Pac-16 proposal, travel and money became a huge factor.  Granted, there was possibly even more travel miles involved with a possible Pac-16 than there would be with a "TCU has to play at Connecticut and Rutgers in Baseball" situation, but there was also FAR more money involved.  The money in a "TCU to Big East" scenario just doesn't make sense at all, so I simply do not give his rumor any credence whatsoever.

That said ... "There are a dozen or so schools that we're looking at"?  Let's see ... TCU, Memphis, East Carolina, Central Florida, Villanova ... any chance the "Forgetten Four" are still on that list in a "when the Big 12 inevitably falls apart" way?  Actually, forget I asked.


  • California Golden Blogs: Defusing The Intercollegiate Athletics Arms Race (For those two haven't heard, Cal had to drop some sports in a cost-savings measure, shedding light on the 'arms race' and why following the money is as much of a necessity as it is.)