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Today -- Friday, September 3 -- represents Day No. 246 of our 246-day waiting period between the close of the 2009 football season and the birth of 2010.

The offseason has been long and -- the past few weeks especially -- troublesome. But at this moment, none of that matters. The offseason will fade to black, a distant memory. It will still be there; we can't completely forget it. We simply won't be able to focus upon it because the new, more brilliant light has emerged from our periphery and captured our gaze.

Fifteen hours from the moment that this is published, the 2010 Missouri Tiger football season will be born, springing to life after an arduous 246 days.

There's only one thing to do:



(As if you didn't know, the photo is from the great Bill Carter.)

Happy birthday, 2010 Missouri Tigers football season.

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