New Mizzou Depth Chart Out

Major Changes:

  • No Jasper Simmons. Apparently he hurt his knee at some point. I have no recollection of this, but Kenji Jackson and Jarrell Harrison are your starting safeties, while Marcus Murphy and Wes Kemp are your kick returners.
  • No Luke Lambert. Out with a hamstring injury. I do remember him getting hurt, and apparently it was bad enough to knock him out for a week. In his place, as MUTIGERS86 already noted, is not Will Ebner. Andrew Wilson (who looked perfectly fine on Saturday) will apparently get the start. Ebner and Beau Brinkley are still MIA on the depth chart.
  • Kendial Lawrence and De'Vion Moore are still "or" on the first string. Lawrence's stinger will apparently be just fine by Saturday.
  • Now we know why five defensive ends are listed instead of four or six. All five will play, and often. McNeese State's offense has been quite rebuilt this season, meaning we might see quite a bit of the Candy formation we already love.

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