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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Update: And Then There Were 4...

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The RMN jinx was in full effect last night, as Nevada won but failed to cover against BC.  The BC and under result left a tie at the top between jacksonian and golf2804 with matching 44-24 records.  Just behind them is Bill C. , whose record is now 43-25 (accepting a loss for the one game he was late in picking at the start of the contest), along with jcmufan.  The game tonight is Auburn -2.5 with an over/under of 74.5

  • jacksonian has Oregon and the over
  • golf2804 has Oregon and the under
  • Bill C and jcmufan have Auburn and the under

So the following results would give us the following winner(s)

  • Oregon and the over: jacksonian
  • Oregon and the under: golf2804
  • Auburn and the over: jacksonian
  • Auburn and the under: Bill C. + jcmufan + golf2804

Ausgiano will finish 2 games clear of anyone, as everyone at the bottom believes in Oregon and the over.

Here is a link to the full standings