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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Final: It Went From Four to Three

In the end, the somewhat ugly, surprisingly defensive matchup between Auburn and Oregon resulted in not one, not two but THREE winners of the contest.  Bill C., jcmufan and golf2804 all finished at a damn impressive 45-25, with Bill C. and jcmufan nailing the Championship game to pull even with golf2804.  I assume Bill C. will be in touch with the other people not named Bill C. about their prize (as I don't personally care if he decides to buy himself an RMN shirt or not).

After all was said and done, the contest finished at a 50.9% clip of 4988-4812.  That means that even with the tie which resulted in everyone getting the game correct (way back when), we still finished slightly above .500 as a group.  Missing on Nevada and Mizzou killed the chances of bringing this contest (having just completed it's 4th year) to even all-time, as it now stands at 8424-8572, for a winning percentage of  49.6%.  Maybe next year...

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So where do we go from here?

I will do my absolute best to move the data over from one table to another so I can work on properly capturing all-time individual records.  As mentioned previously, if you entered this year under a different name than you have entered under in the past, please let me know.  If not, then I will promise to get this infomation out to the group at some point before next bowl season.  But these updated stats will give us our all-time individual leaders and some other things (whatever excel allows for me to do easily I suppose)

Some finishes and other pieces of note:

  • 74 people finished at .500 or better
  • RPT finished at 38-32
  • Pat Forde finished at did the Coin Flip
  • The Bill C's. (as a couple) defeated the Tailgate Queen and I.  The Bill C's finished at 70-70, while the Tailgate Queen and I came in at 65-75.

I do sincerely hope the group enjoyed the contest this year.  I was blown away by the participation, and a big thanks to Bill C. for making it so easy for us (and especially for me) to be able to handle it.  Be on the lookout for the bracket challenge this coming March (I will let ESPN do the heavy lifting on that one).