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Mizzou Links, 1-12-11

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  • The Trib: Missouri ends 18th in polls
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Answering the BTS Mailbox

    Q: Any thoughts on how James Franklin's progression from FR seaon to SO season will compare to progression of Daniel and Gabbert over same period and the effect of the improved competition at that position on the quarterback play next season.—jdmtiger1987

    A: For most of the season Franklin dealt with a virus that caused him to lose almost 20 pounds, so his freshman year almost has to be graded on a curve. Either way, I’m not really sure it’s fair to compare his situation with that of Daniel and Gabbert. When Daniel took over the offense in 2006, he was surrounded by four players who would eventually earn All-American honors. Gabbert had two. Franklin will have one All-American in Egnew and some proven veterans in Kemp, Jackson and Moe, but it’s a different cast of playmakers around him. Neither Daniel or Gabbert were explicitly named the starting quarterback when they were sophomores, but there wasn’t much competition from the other contenders. That probably won’t be the case this spring and summer. Then again, Franklin could come out this spring and show a terrific command of the system and move the first-team offense unlike anyone else on the roster. Or the others could be just as impressive, it not more when it comes to running the show. Put it this way: I’ve seen the three remaining QBs throw a lot of passes in practice, and I’m not convinced of anything yet. Is Franklin easily the best candidate of the three? At times it looked that way. Will he develop into a better college quarterback than Daniel and/or Gabbert? At this point, that’s crazy talk. Franklin has the ingredients, but I want to see how he responds to a serious competition with the No. 1 job on the line before making any bold statements.

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