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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - If/when Missouri (or, for Doug, Kansas) makes it to the Natl Title either men's bball/fb....other than being at the game itself, where would you want to watch/experience the game?

2 - Putting skill aside (to some extent, at least),
who is your favorite Missouri (or, for Doug, Kansas) basketball player of all-time? Why? Your criteria should be the guy you would most like to buy a beer for, play stratego with, shoot off fireworks with, etc.

3 -
Over/Under on number of years Auburn gets to keep this National Championship? I’m gonna set the line at 4.5 years.

4 - Manscaping:
hygiene, hobby, or hell no?

5 - With Jay-Z's and Kanye's collab album "Watch the Throne" coming out in March...
what collab albums are among the best/and or what albums would you like to see?

The Beef: 1 - Alone in my house…but there’s no way I would not be at the game.  Somehow, I imagine this part of my answer will be echoed across many people today.

2 - Never did play Stratego…but for my favorite I will go with Arthur Johnson since he was the only one who would talk to me when I actually worked there.

3 - I will say over…I think the NCAA will keep looking into this, but only for a little while.  Not saying more evidence wont be brought to bear at some point, but I think it will come out in a book or something years later.

4 - I will say hygiene, though I suppose I don’t know the exact definition and to the extent being inferred by the term.

5 - Um…yep

ZouDave: 1 - Boy, I don't know.  Part of me thinks I would need to watch it basically by myself, possibly just with my dad, because I wouldn't be able to handle the loss well enough to be in public.  But at the same time, I'd want to be able to experience a crowd euphoria should we win.  I wouldn't really want to be at a bar.  I guess maybe somewhere like KC Live in the Power & Light District where they have the giant screen in the outdoor-ish area.  There was a huge watch party there this past summer for the USA World Cup game against Algeria where Donovan had the game winner in the final seconds.  I've seen video of the crowd there as the goal happened, it looked absolutely unreal.  Would be cool to have it packed to the gills with Mizzou fans for that kind of moment.

Still gonna be hard to top the crowd jubilation following McGaffee's kick return against OU, though.

2 - Clarence Gilbert, and since his playing days it hasn't even been close, but Marcus Denmon is climbing the ladder.  I absolutely had a man-crush on Clarence Gilbert.  LOVED the way he played the game, loved the way he carried himself, loved his toughness, loved his leadership, loved his attitude, just everything about Clarence Gilbert was exactly what I wanted in a basketball player.  He put everything he had into every minute of every game he played.  He was a defensive stopper, he was a pure assassin from the outside, he could distribute the ball, he could drive the lane, and he loved being a Missouri Tiger.  Given the chance, I'd love to have an evening at a bar with Gilbert buying pitchers of beer and letting him tell stories of his days under Quin, shooting threes while Jeff Boschee tries to wear his jersey, dropping 12 threes on Colorado, taking 100,000 shots against ISU in the 4 OT game, etc.  I've never had more of a blindside to someone's flaws than I did with Clarence Gilbert; #4 in your program, #1 in my heart kind of thing.  Always thought he should have been #3, though.  Just would have been more appropriate.

Marcus Denmon, as I said, is moving up the list.  Ever since he drained that shot against Memphis at the buzzer of the first half, he's been one of my favorite players.  I was telling everyone leading up to this season to watch out for Marcus Denmon, the kid's got what it takes to be really good.  I never expected him to be THIS good!!!

3 - Just talked to my mom about this last night, actually.  My parents have some really close friends from back when my dad was still in the Marine Corps that are HUGE Auburn fans, and my mom has been being fed propoganda from these people about Cam Newton being a choir boy, how he does all these charitable things and just has gotten a bad rap thanks to his father, etc.  Had to set her straight on quite a few things.  I told her to congratulate the Elliotts on their season, but to also tell them to enjoy it while they can because by 2015 they'll have had to vacate every win that involved Cam Newton.

So there's my answer.  By 2015, Auburn's 2010-11 season will be off the record books.

4 - Hell no.  And why did this question make the roundtable?

5 - Until I get a collaboration between Blue Man Group and Snoop Dogg, my life won't be complete.  But as with basically all music questions that come up in roundtables, I'm unqualified to answer.

Michael Atchison: 1.  Has something terrible happened to me?  Am I incapacitated?  On the no-fly list?  In any event, I’m probably having my own watch party at my house, so my son (who’s a bigger fan than I am) can be there with me (my daughter, who thinks all of this is nonsense, will still enjoy the vegetable tray).  My wife will be too nervous to watch.  There will be many high-quality Mizzou fans in attendance.  We’ll have beer from Boulevard and Schlafly, and hopefully, someone can run to Columbia for a couple of growlers from Flat Branch and a couple of pizzas from Shakespeare’s.  We’ll make some little sandwiches, some chili, this great spicy Asian dip with crispy won tons.  It’ll be quite a spread.

2.  This week it’s Gary Link because I talked to him the other day for a thing I’m working on, and he remains one of the best guys you could imagine.  Kim Anderson is another one (of several) for whom I have genuine affection (you could talk to Kim for hours and he would make it worth your while).  As for guys I saw play, I’ll take Lee Coward, because when we were both freshmen in the winter of 1987, he hit the three-pointer that beat Kansas and ignited my love for Missouri basketball, and I’ll take Melvin Booker for 1994.  Marcus Denmon is beginning to edge his way into the picture, too.

3.  I have absolutely nothing to go on here, so I’ll say they keep it forever, but the whole thing is still so hard to figure.

4.  Everything in moderation, friends.

5.  Collaboration albums are almost always a bad idea.  You think that you’re going to get the best of both, but you rarely do because you inevitably have conflicting visions.  Some good ones: Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane, Rough Mix; Toumane Diabate and Taj Mahal, Kulanjan; Bob Dylan and The Band, The Basement Tapes; and Wanted! The Outlaws, by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter and Tompall Glaser come to mind.  The recent Elton John/Leon Russell thing go good press.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some.  I’d like to see David Bowie and the Arcade Fire give it a go.  How about Cee-Lo and Robyn?  I’ll take that one.

Doug: 1 - I would certainly hope to be somewhere more fun than work, where I was in 2008, waiting to update promos and the like.  I think for the second-go-round, I would hope to be of the financial where-with-all to be able to make a trip for the national championship, even if it was a last minute flight to San Antonio.  If I couldn't make the trip, though, I would have to watch the game by myself, because I would be terrible company.

Seriously, I can't even watch the Super Bowl in a party setting with people who don't care about the game.  It drives me nuts.

2 - I think Wayne Simien would be absolutely fascinating to hang out with.  He seems like a truly class individual, above and beyond being a great college basketball player.  He was never going to be a great pro, but he did step away from the game early.  I think just to have a beer with Simien would lead to some truly eye-opening conversations.

And, despite the fact he wasted enough God-given talent, I think it would have been hilarious to travel the country with Eric Chenowith to see Dave Matthews during the summer.  I remember that being noted in the media guide like it was a highlight of player development or something.

3 - If Cam Newton doesn't go pro this year, then I take the under, if he leaves, then the whole thing may disappear anyway.  I think the NCAA will handle this much like the NFL handled Brett Favre this year, "We gave you your moment in the sun, now get the hell out and don't come back."

4 - I'll second Dave's question, though I feel the answer is because Bill is too busy what-if-ing Missouri Basketball 1940 to 1963.

5 - I feel like with Kayne everyone expects you to look past the fact he's a complete douche and just enjoy the music, but I just can't do it.  Every subsequent Kayne album is just a further reminder of why I'm not wild about the guy and probably never will be.

The Beef: Ah Linker…really the only person who I have ever talked to.  My buddy and I were in KC at the Big XII basketball tourney and we were up at maybe 6am on Saturday morning after the Friday night MU/OU classic which we lost.  We were in Crown Center and had just sat down for some coffee, and seeing our MU apparel, Link invited himself over and sat with us for about 45 minutes to commiserate about the loss.  Just such amazing conversation.

Michael Atchison: And I’m sure he got 90 minutes worth of words in, and they were really candid.

The Beef: Remarkably candid, but you could not help but see how he really is probably the best ambassador the University has (perhaps a tie with Coach Kadlec, but I’ve never had the pleasure of sharing time with him like I did with Linker).

RPT: 1. I think we all seem to be of the mindset that we're going to need to be in the most select of company. I think it'll be a multi-year screening process to see who is allowed in my inner sanctum for such an event.

2. I presume Coach A doesn't count? And are we allowed to shoot professional grade fireworks AT Ricky Clemons?

3. Over. They'll take six years, electing to vacate the wins four weeks before they finally rule on Tony Mitchell.

4. Wait, that qualifies as a hobby to some people? I really don't know enough about this world we live in.

5. I'm out of my element with this one, though I will say that I appear to be in the minority in this roundtable for being quite excited for the Kanye-Z album.

(An hour later...)

Bill C.: By the way, Dominique Wilkins turns FIFTY today.  Let that marinate a while.

The Beef: Yowza…poor Dominique…I always think of that game against Boston when he could not miss, but Boston won in the playoffs…and the dunk contest against Jordan which he should have won if it was in any other city in the league.  And now…doing commercials with Verne Troyer…

RPT: Dominique Wilkins - that's the gymnast, right? #makingyallfeelold

ZouDave: I will always remember Dominique Wilkins from the Minute Maid commercial...

Bill C.: And since Dave was too lazy to search the YouTubes...

Doug: Wow... Dominique rocking the pumps.

Those things were amazing. I think people actually tried to cut off circulation to their feet just to see how many times they could pump their shoes.

ZouDave: Greg Oden was awesome in those commercials.

The Beef: I ended up with a pair about 2-3 years after they were REALLY hip…and I think they were the tennis version (though I was certainly not a big enough dork to actually need them for tennis, seeing as I did not play it….tee hee hee).  I tried at the end to pop them (sort of an urban legend), but they never did, no matter how many times I pumped them.

Doug: Oh, yeah, apparently they were full of some cancer-causing powder that if you inhaled it, you'd be dead within 10 minutes.

I think I was about a year late to the craze, but I wound up with the knock-off ones that Venture sold, not the crazy expensive Nike versions.

The Beef: Venture…WOW…totally forgot about those.  Barely even remembered Nike doing them to be honest, but Venture was out of nowhere

ZouDave: holy God, Venture.  Haven't even thought of that store in years.  Good ol' Venture; a knock-off of K-Mart.

ZouDave: I got my NES from Venture in 1987.

Doug: When we moved back to KC, there was a Venture right there at 97th and Metcalf, basically, across the backyard from my house. That was when I thought I was the s*** for walking to and from Venture by myself. There was a certain power in being allowed to make that walk.

The Beef: Speaking of NES…I am struggling to get past the first Bald Bull on the Wii downloaded version of Mike Tyson’s punchout.  Just struggling to time up the bull charge he does.

ZouDave: you punch right after he does his third hop.

Or, as long as the same codes still work, just go straight to getting whooped by Tyson by entering the code 007 373 5963.

Or go to Super Macho Man with 003 003 0070.


The Beef: Here is my question…did you look those up, or (and as I assume), do you remember them off the top of your head?

ZouDave: top of my head.  I can put those codes in without even looking at the screen.  I can even mimic the sounds  made while entering the code that goes to Tyson.

If only I could use these powers for good.

The Beef: Yeah…if only you could put them to use in some sort of baseball simulation league or something…seeing how teams would do in like…I don’t know…2012…that’d be fun

/old joke’d

(Ed. Note: that's a Tigerboard reference that few will get. Don't feel bad if you don't get it.  It's not worth explaining.)


ghtd36: Sorry for being tardy; I've spent the past 36 hours fighting what I presume is the deadly Motaba virus.

1 - Well, first of all, I'd be there. But if for some reason I couldn't be there -- like, say, I broke both of my legs or contracted the aforementioned deadly Motaba virus -- I'd probably want to sit in my own living room with a few friends. I'm the guy who either likes to be surrounded by thousands of screaming people or, like, two. I'm weird like that.

But yeah, I'd be at the game, so it's a pretty moot point.

2 - About five years ago, I wrote a profile story about Brian Dailey for one of the MU student newspapers. For those of you who don't know, Brian Dailey was Jarret Sutton before Jarret Sutton was Jarret Sutton. He was a lot of fun to talk to, a really nice guy and had no misconceptions about his role on the team. When the story came out, he sent me an e-mail saying how much he enjoyed it, and how he e-mailed the story to his family back in Washington. Then, about three weeks ago -- five years after the story had run -- he sent me a Facebook message saying that he found the story and remembered how much he liked it, asking how I was and if I was still doing the journalism thing. So, yeah, that's a pretty easy question for me to answer.

3 - I'm starting to think that this title isn't going to be vacated. Think about it: if there were more dirt, don't you think one of the other SEC teams would have dug it up by now? I think this one's officially sticking while everyone always remembers that Cam Newton was probably dirty.

4 - Exactly nobody views it as a hobby. It's a necessary evil, like getting your oil changed.

5 - I've always thought that Ben Folds would make an outstanding collaboration partner, simply because his piano riffs are so unique and catchy. And because I love Ben Folds.

ZouDave: point of order: our departed friend Jeffrey may have considered manscaping a hobby.  But more likely, a lifestyle.

The Beef: Point is so acknowledged and agreed upon

Michael Atchison: Well, Folds did a nifty collaboration with William Shatner and Joe Jackson.  And his latest album is a straight-up collabo with Nick Hornby.

Bill C.: I used the tennis pumps for tennis, and they were awesome.  AWESOME.

ZouDave: Unfortunately, these are the pumps Bill C is talking about:

ZouDave: Oh hey you know what I heard?  I heard Mizzou lost a basketball game over the weekend, and we play another one tonight.

ghtd36: Can we all agree that while there is no "cure" for the stomach bug, the suburban white person combination of 7UP, Gatorade, chicken noodle soup and Tums is pretty much the closest thing we have?

ZouDave: there was a whole South Park episode about that.

and before I get accused of being too lazy to search again: