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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Headed for the Homestretch

There are only seven games left in the 2010-2011 college football season.  Now, it does still strike me as strange that I am writing that on January 2nd, but it does give us another week and a half of football.  So, with only 7 games, that means we are down to the last 14 picks.  The top of the field is really still pretty bunched up, even after the 6-game'apalooza we had yesterday.

Still on top is Bill C. who is sitting at 36-19, a half-game above MUantler, who is 36-20.  Just a game behind them at 35-21 is M7Tiger and C-Dub 904, who I believe is a new name to our bolded front page.  Still some folks back there at 34-22, which really is still within shouting distance.

Here is a link to the full standings

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Those aforementioned folks at 34-22:


The coin flip, Pat Forde and RPT are all sitting 27-29, just below .500

Ausgiano thought about escaping the bottom of the barrel, but is now 3 games back of anyone, sitting at 17-39.

For the year, the contest is sitting at 3853-3987, for a winning percentage of 49.1%.  Still some time to get back to .500, but the dream is slowly dying.  As for all-time, we now sit at 7289-7747, for an all-time percentage of 48.5%.

Stanford is the overwhelming favorite of the contest for the next game, with the over/under being predictably split.  Each time I mention a team like this, it goes the other way.  More to come on Tuesday.