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Rock M Roundtable!

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What happens when nobody's around to complete an actual Roundtable?  Does the Roundtable actually exist? Did I just blow your mind?

1 - "Better atmosphere/home-court advantage: hearnes or mizzou arena? I haven’t been to a game a mizzou arena so i’m curious as to the differences others have noticed. i remember hearnes could get really loud with the stands going almost straight up from the court."

2 - "Worst Home Jerseys?  I used to think the puke-greenish-gold jerseys we had were bad, but K-State’s from Monday night and Colorado’s last night might both be a worse off-grey that makes them just look dirty and especially sweaty."

3 - "The Fighter might be my favorite sports-ish movie of all time at this point. What do you consider to be the best sports film ever made?"

4 - My question: Rafael Nadal suffered yet another injury in his quarterfinal loss at the Australian Open this morning.  When healthy, I think his upside is higher than Roger Federer's (didn't think I'd ever say that about anyone), but can he stay healthy enough to pass Fed in total grand slam titles?

Doug: 1 - Since Mizzou Arena opened, anecdotal evidence always made it seem like Hearnes had the more consistent atmosphere. I know there are empty seats at both arenas for basically everything except the KU game, but Hearnes seemed to get louder with fewer people in the stands. When the "Wal-mart" seats are empty, you can hear coaches giving directions.

2 - Colorado has had those off-yellow jerseys for a while now, so they don't bother me that much. K-State with the black unis and the grey unis just look stupid, since they don't have either of those colors on their primary color scheme. Though, I still think if you're the home team, you wear white, unless it's a neutral court match-up, then you can go color-on-color. But, why go black for black's sake?

3 - God, there's not right answer for this one. I'll say this though, for whatever reason baseball seems to inspire better movies than any other sport. Boxing, I think, would be second on that list.

4 - Maybe if he could petition every grand slam tournament to be played at Roland Garros. Nadal is more than half way to Federer's total 9 to 16, but he's also only 5 years younger than Federer. Agassi was a freak of nature, now I don't think anyone believes you can keep winning majors past 30, and with even a minor injury derailing an entire slam like it just did in Australia, I don't think Nadal will surpass Federer's total. Besides, Federer may have one more slam title in him, with Nadal out of the running in Melbourne.

Michael Atchison: 1.  People’s memories tend to filter out the bad times.  A lot of people think that Hearnes was better because they remember only the best moments.  Also, Mizzou won eight Big Eight championships while playing there.  In reality, I think there’s very little difference.  Hearnes was steep and loud, but the students (for the most part) were far, far away from the action (people used to complain about the blue hairs sitting on their hands at Hearnes in Section A while the students wedged into the vertigo-inducing seats in Section D.  All I know is that the Tigers win a lot in Mizzou Arena, just like they won a lot at Hearnes.

2.  I assiduously avoid all uniform discussion questions.

3.  There is only one correct answer to this question.  The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh.

4.  The chance of catching Federer is considerably less than 5%.  Tennis players aren’t built to last.  It’s very, very rare for a guy to be an elite-level player into his late twenties, and Rafa hasn’t done anything to suggest that he can be an exception.  He’s a mind-blowing player, but time is not on his side (no it ain’t).

ZouDave: And this will be the only time you'll likely hear from me today.  I'm in a training class this entire week on Exchange 2010 so I won't have time to participate in any conversations.

1 - Ugh, I'm embarrassed to not be able to answer this intelligently.  I saw a grand total of 3 games at Hearnes, and that's 3 more than I've seen at Mizzou Arena.  So I really have no idea.  I'll call it a tie and say it's the fans that make the atmosphere, not the arena.

2 - The off-grey thing is annoying.  That's not a school color for very many schools, and it annoys me when schools wear colors that aren't theirs.  Everyone wants to be like Mizzou and wear black, and our fans complain when we only wear black.  So I'll answer a question that wasn't even asked and say the worst uniform is the one whose primary color is not one of your school's colors.

3 - Hoosiers, and it's not close.

4 - Tennis?  There are few things I know less about than tennis.  Is Amanda Coetzer still hot?

Perhaps it's a good thing I won't be around for this thing today.  I don't know what I'm talking about on 3 of the questions and the other one I don't feel there's any room for debate!

Bill C.: I'm sure Amanda Coetzer is indeed still hot.  She's also 39 and has been retired for seven years.

Michael Atchison: 39?  Just hitting her stride.

I’m about to be out for the rest of the day.  It’s up to Greg and Ross to save this thing.

ZouDave: your lack of faith in Doug is....well-placed.

Doug: Wait a minute, shouldn't Bill have any responsibility in this God-forsaken Round Table?

Michael Atchison: He’s busy re-litigating 2004.  As if that will help.

ghtd36: I'll be in Austin on Saturday. So:

1) I'll take full credit for a win.
2) I'll blame the girlfriend for a loss.
3) I need restaurant recommendations from the RMN Commentariat (or Commentroops) or any passers-by. And yes, we're staying on 6th Street.

ZouDave: go swiss army knife!

(Two hours later...)

ghtd36: Tony Mitchell to North Texas, per Gabe.


(Two hours later...)

Bill C.: So uhh ... do we even bother posting this?

Michael Atchison: Put up a rerun of the best roundtable ever.

Bill C.: Which one would that be?  I nominate the Squirrelator, or whatever that thing was called.

ghtd36: I vote no. Let's just say that you gave us the week off because it's Wayne Gretzky's 50th birthday.

ZouDave: maybe post the questions for the community to discuss tonight, should they want to.  And yeah, a repost of one could be good.  The squirrelator or squirrelizor was hilarious.

Michael Atchison: Maybe if Ross weren’t so busy sucking up to his coworkers on Twitter he could have saved this.

The squirrelator is good.  Or how about the one last year just before the basketball team beat Texas?

ghtd36: God, he DOES suck up to his colleagues on Twitter.

His next tweet is going to be about how the CFO farted in the elevator, and how magnificently it lingered.

Doug: And smelled lightly of roses, with a hint of jasmine.

Michael Atchison: Yeah, I can’t imagine ever tweeting

As if I needed further confirmation, today's roundtable illustrated the ridiculous talent level of the people with whom I trade fart jokes.

ghtd36: #RPTTweets

"The receptionist just asked me if I needed anything. Hers is the voice of the Virgin Mary, only sweeter."