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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Setting up a Tight Finish

For once, the overwhelmingly selected team covered (and in a big way), as Stanford likely completed their mini-revival with a 40-12 drubbing of Va Tech.  Only one person towards the top of the contest got the picks perfect, and the 2-0 score moves M7Tiger back to the top, tied with MUantler at 37-21.  Bill C. is at 36-21, while jcmufan and jws_ are at 36-22.  A small group of C-Dub 904, golf2804, Crimedog, jacksonian and aseidt are still within shouting distance at 35-23.  Ausgiano maintains his solid, three-game lead at the bottom, rocking the 18-40.  One game tonight, and the contest is pretty split on who they see covering, but I will give the slight edge (via the ever-scientific eye-ball test) to Ohio State and the under.

Here is a link to the full standings