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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Is Bill C. Pulling Away?

Stanford and Miami (OH) both covering (and especially Miami (OH) doing so while hitting the over) has been very good to the group in the past few days, pushing us back over .500 to a winning percentage of 51.04%  Only eight total picks remain, and Bill C. used a perfect night last night to run his record out to 40-21.  There is a nice group behind him at 39-23, but time is starting to run short on them.  Many of them do have some different picks from the leader, so there is still time for one of them to make a move. 

LSU is the favored team with the contest tonight, so let's see if we can keep the momentum going.

More info after the jump, and Here is a link to the full standings

Those sitting at 39-23:


We have only one person at 38-24, that being aseidt, but a big group at 37-25.  Time has likely just about run out on them, but I suppose they may still have a chance:

C-Dub 904
Addison Walton
Ryan Phillips
the oracle

At the bottom, Ausgiano has closed the gap to games on theWizard, with the worst record sitting at 21-41.