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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Update: The Field Tightens Yet Again

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The Over/Under.  The bane of most people's existence when it comes to this contest.  Bill C. had the under last night, and with LSU almost getting it by themselves, the leaderboard has shrunk back up once again.  He nows sits at 41-22, with a group of three just behind him at 41-23 (jcmufan, jws_ and jacksonian).  Pitt and the under are the favored picks today in their game against Kentucky at noon.  After that, only four picks (two games) will remain.  

Down at the bottom, still a two-game difference between Ausgiano (at 22-40) and his nearest competition.

As for the contest overall, LSU winning did continue to push the group in the right direction. The contest winning percentage now sits at 51.23%, and we are once again creeping up on leveling out the all-time winning percentage.

More info after the jump, and Here is a link to the full standings

Sitting at 40-24 and certainly still in the mix:


Currently at 39-25, and probably just about out of it:

C-Dub 904
Addison Walton

All time we are now at 49.7%, and within about 100 games of breaking back to even.  A few more favored picks take it and I think we will be there, which means today's right answer will no doubt be Kentucky and the over

Will try to get another update this afternoon after the bowl game as we close out the season.