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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Update: It is Down to Six

Thanks to the only perfect score by someone right at the top, jacksonian was able to shoot right to the top of the charts all alone at 43-23.  Bill C. is just behind him at 42-23, and he has jws_, golf2804 and jcmufan right behind at 42-24.  Both MUantler and M7Tiger are there at 41-25, but M7Tiger does not have enough different picks in the last 4 to have a chance.  So those bolded are (as best I can tell) the last six who have a shot to win the title.  With only four picks remaining in the final two games, it comes down to this.

One person who has "won" already is Ausgiano, who is 23-41, and who cannot be passed by anyone.  Congrats on your accomplishment.

Nevada and the over are the majority picks today as the contest now sits at 51.7%, and we are now just 17 games under .500 all-time at 8208-8225.  

Here is a link to the full standings