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Mizzou Links, 10-10-11

Mizzou Football Links

One thing is certain: Sunday was a better day for Missouri football than Saturday was. Brad Smith scored a touchdown to help the Bills beat Jeremy Maclin (who also scored a touchdown) and the Eagles. Meanwhile, Blaine Gabbert looked a lot better (albeit in a loss) and The Smiths combined for three sacks in a Niners romp over the Bucs, and Ziggy Hood had a half-sack as well. Not too shabby.

  • K-State
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook

    Missouri’s early start was the exact opposite of its blistering surge at Oklahoma two weeks earlier, when the Tigers stunned OU with a 14-3 lead in the first quarter. At K-State, the offense finished with zero net yards on its first seven plays through three possessions: Interception. 4-yard bubble screen to Michael Egnew. Sack for 13-yard loss. Incomplete pass on Josey drop in the flat. Kendial Lawrence run for 2-yard loss. Sack for 5-yard loss. 16-yard pass to Wes Kemp, 1 yard short of the first-down marker. And there’s your first quarter.

    Was James Franklin rattled?

    "He's not rattled," receiver T.J. Moe said. "He's a guy that has to get his mind right to do things. Not to say he didn't have it right, but he was just gathering information and seeing things. You go through the week of practice and you see things on scout team and it's not like the starters on the other team exactly. He wasn't rattled at all. He was trying to get in the flow of the game like the rest of us."

    To his credit, Franklin did what quarterbacks are supposed to do after ugly performances. He’s got that part of the job down.

    "I take a big responsibility for the outcome of this game," he said. "You saw how it started off. I wasn't making good throws. I could have had two or three more interceptions, but thankfully the receivers knocked them down or the K-State defenders dropped them. It starts with me. I take responsibility for how the offense goes."

  • NFL Blaine Gabbert deep to Jason Hill Brad Smith TD run Jeremy Maclin TD catch
    The Dagger: VIDEO: Three fumbles in final play of Bengals win over the Jaguars

Other Football Links

Another something certain: Oklahoma and Arizona State both made Missouri look better than Missouri did on Saturday. ASU whipped Utah in Salt Lake to take complete control of the Pac-12 South, and Oklahoma obliterated Texas in the Red River Rivalry. So, uh, there's that.


Nice summary of the SEC issue by Vahe Gregorian and the Post-Dispatch. The head says the SEC still makes more sense. But the heart might still have a say.

  • What's At Stake For Missouri
    Post-Dispatch: Pros and cons of Mizzou moving to SEC
    Lawrence Journal-World: Money, not just school rivalries, at stake in Big 12 shake-up
  • What's Happening With The Big 12?
    Daily Oklahoman: Q&A with Big 12's Chuck Neinas: 'We don't give anyone a deadline'
    Daily Oklahoman: Former Big 12 Commisioner Dan Beebe says Big 12 now taking steps he touted
    Daily Oklahoman: Q&A with OSU president Burns Hargis: Big 12 schools enthusiastic about TCU invite
  • Big East Flailing
    Denver Post: Air Force preparing to leave Mountain West for Big East
    College Football Talk: Air Force AD: 'Interest high in Big East' after turning down Big 12
    The UConn Blog: ACC wanted UConn before Pittsburgh, move was blocked by ... wait for it ... Boston College!

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

Really tough loss for MU volleyball, going up 2-0 on Baylor and losing 3-2. They've begun to reel a bit themselves, and hopefully three straight home matches -- Kansas, Texas Tech, Central Arkansas -- give them a bit of a remedy.