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Week Seven BlogPoll Sponsored by Samsung: Sooner Schooner Races to Number One

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 STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Ignore the deltas. This ballot was filed from scratch with zero regard for last week's ballot. Thus, the "you dropped X team Y spots for beating team Z [score] to [score]???" argument does not stand.

OU crushed Texas and therefore get the bump to the top for having the best win of the weekend.

I still can't quit Texas A&M.

I have Notre Dame as #25, and if I am being honest, as I think about it, they probably are better than that. Now that they've stopped turning it over in the red zone, they are starting to play better. I think they'll be dangerous in the second half of the year.

I probably should sell my stock in Clemson, but I feel like the Boston College game would've been the kind of game they would have lost in the past. Tahj Boyd's hip injury won't cause him to miss a start, but it will be interesting as to see if it affects him this weekend as they play at Maryland and their Amazing Technicolor Uniforms.

Ballot after the jump.