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Mizzou Links, 10-19-11

Pics with the crowd in the North endzone remind me of pics from the 1960s and 1970s. That's a good thing. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Pics with the crowd in the North endzone remind me of pics from the 1960s and 1970s. That's a good thing. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Football Links

  • OSU
    The Missourian: Tigers' secondary facing big test against Oklahoma State

    Unlike against Kansas State, which does not rely on the passing game, and against Iowa State, which cannot rely on anything, the Missouri secondary will get a sense if it has improved since the loss to Oklahoma four weeks ago.

    Ford thinks so. He said the Oklahoma game taught the secondary the hard way that communicating what defense it needs to be in — before the fast-pace offense snaps again — is critical.

    "The athletes they have across the board, man, if you're not on top of your game, they can get behind you real fast," he said.

    Unfortunately, those athletes are not limited to Blackmon. He accounts for seven of the team's 19 receiving touchdowns, and receivers Josh Cooper and Hubert Anyiam each average more than 50 yards per game.

    "That's what so difficult about them, they got a gang-load of receivers," cornerback Trey Hobson said. "You got to account for Blackmon, but their other receivers can hurt you, so it’ll be a game where the whole secondary is going to have to be focused."

    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Pinkel on OSU
    CBS Sports: Keys to the Game: Missouri vs. Oklahoma State
    Cowboys Ride For Free: Midway Through The Season, What Needs To Be Fixed?
  • Ground Game
    The Trib
    : Improbably, MU football thriving by running

    Personnel changes in the backfield have coincided with a shift in philosophy for the offense, the kind that calls for 58 running plays in one game, as the Tigers did in Saturday’s 52-17 win over Iowa State, their most rushing attempts in a game since 2002.

    That was three years before Missouri remade its offense with a no-huddle spread attack that spawned pass-prolific quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert.

    Now, the Tigers still employ the spread but with a willingness to change their stripes. Quarterback James Franklin has routinely taken snaps from under center on short-yardage plays and kept the ball or handed off to a tailback, sometimes with a fullback stationed between them. It’s the kind of conventional approach MU coaches had been reluctant to try since adopting the spread.

    "It’s a big help, because it’s something different," tailback Henry Josey said. "Nobody thinks we can do that or that we’re a bruising type offense. But we can do that, too."

    Post-Dispatch: Henry Josey bursts forth for Mizzou
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
    KC Star: Missouri linebacker Luke Lambert makes the most of extra year of eligibility
  • NFL
    Niners Nation: Buying Spaghetti With Justin Smith Aldon Smith Earns Second Rookie Nomination
    We Are Mizzou: Tigers in the NFL

Other Football Links

  • Self-Share
    SB Nation: The Numerical, Week 7: Triple Threats And Kansas State's Statistical Allergy


  • Self-Share Again!
    SB Nation: Conference Realignment: EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2011 And The Balance Of Power
  • Train Keeps A-Rolling [Arkansas AD] Long has news on A&M, SEC

    During his speech, Long said the SEC is preparing a 13-team schedule for 2012, but he is still hopeful the league can add a 14th team. The deadline for doing so is "coming quickly," but he would not elaborate.

    It is imperative, he told the audience, that the league get to 14 teams. Otherwise, there will be inequities in the schedule, he said. "We won’t stay long as a 13-team conference," he said.

    Leaders of other SEC schools have made similar statements.

    Long told the Touchdown Club that there are a "number of institutions interested" in the SEC. In a brief news conference after the luncheon, he would not name names. Nobody expected him to do so.

    He did acknowledge a gentleman’s agreement of sorts that the SEC would not invite a school from a state that already has a school in the league. Such an agreement would preclude Clemson, Florida State, and Georgia Tech, among others. A 14th member also must be a geographic fit, he said,

    "There are not a whole lot of options out there," he said. The SEC is "being cautious and rightfully so."

    The Missourian (AP): McCaskill; Mixed emotions about MU's possible move to SEC
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Big 12 future with and w/out Mizzou
    Team Speed Kills: A proposal for SEC football realignment
  • Kansas City
    Bring On The Cats: It's (Past Time) to Step Up, Kansas City
  • The Future
  • The Big East
    Post-Dispatch: MU's decision impacts Big East
    College Football Talk: Big East confirms upped exit fees, no invites sent yet
    The Nova Blog: [Commissioner] John Marinatto Conference Call Highlights
  • History'd
    Athlon Sports (Ivan Maisel): What the Birth of the Big 12 Tells Us About Its Current Struggle
  • Danny Dan
    Yahoo Sports Radio: Dan Weztel CFB Podcast With "Dan Beebe"

Other Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Gymnastics Gymnastics and Golden Girls Open New Facility
  • Mizzou Baseball Gold Takes Game One of Fall World Series