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Mizzou Links, 10-21-11


Mizzou Football Links

We head into the weekend with a big game on the horizon and a short attention span. Football! Curators! Basketball! Thanks to The Missourian, we've got entertainment on the football side beyond simple MU-OSU previews. (And thanks to UCLA-Arizona, we have entertainment of a different kind.)

  • OSU
    Daily Oklahoman: OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden: Big 12 title first among several goals
    The Missourian: Missouri considers game against Oklahoma State an opportunity

    All eyes will be on Missouri’s secondary to see if it can stop the arm of Brandon Weeden — who at 28 is older than 17 current starting NFL quarterbacks — and the hands of receiver Justin Blackmon. The Tigers gave up big plays at Oklahoma and will be looking out for them against the Cowboys.

    "When you play good people, they’re going to make some plays," Pinkel said. "You’re going to (have to) make some plays also."

    Dave Steckel, the Tigers' fiery defensive coordinator, had another take, though.

    "Big plays aren’t supposed to happen," Steckel said. "Sorry."

    The Missourian : Roles reversed in this edition of Missouri-Oklahoma State
    Tulsa World: Record is not the true indicator on Missouri
    PowerMizzou: Fear Factor
  • L'D
    The Trib: Missouri wide receiver L'Damian Washington can't be held down
  • O-Line
    KC Star: Offensive front comes together for Mizzou
  • D-Line
    The Missourian: Five things you didn't know about Brad Madison
    The Missourian: Jacquies Smith and Zaviar Gooden play the Newlywed game

    Q: What is your favorite team to play with in NCAA Football 12?

    Jacquies on Zaviar: Oklahoma State

    Jacquies Actual: Florida State

    Zaviar on Jacquies: Stanford

    Zaviar Actual: South Carolina

    Q: Who is the better cook in the house?

    Jacquies on Zaviar: Jacquies

    Jacquies Actual: Jacquies

    Zaviar on Jacquies: Jacquies

    Zaviar Actual: Jacquies

  • I Isolate This Article Because The Author Evidently Doesn't Realize That Missouri Is In The Top 30 In Standard Downs Run Percentage, Meaning That With A Few Exceptions (Iowa, Kansas State), They've Been A "Run First" Team, Or At Least An Incredibly Balanced Team, Since About Two-Thirds Of The Way Through Last Season
    The Maneater: The ace in the hole: When pass-first doesn't have to remain pass-first

Other Football Links

This was the best end to an awful half of blowout football ... ever. So glad my team wasn't involved in something like this, but it's fun when it happens to other people, right?

  • The Rare Streaker-Brawl Combination
    SB Nation: VIDEO: Arizona Vs. UCLA Halftime Brawl Sparked By Streaker Dressed As Ref
    YouTube: U of A vs UCLA Streaker 2011 ENTIRE VIDEO


WHAAAAAAAT? You mean Missouri isn't to blame for "starting all of this" when their governor shot his mouth off in late December 2009???

  • In Case You Missed It Yesterday...
    12th Man Foundation: Movers and Shakers (Part 1 of 2)

    Let me take you back to June of 2009. I was interim president and within a few days of that time, I attended my first Big 12 board meeting in Dallas. Even though the presidents who were there were obviously civil and got along pretty well, it was clear there was some degree of difficulty within the conference then in terms of relationships. I call it the haves and have-nots. It was very clear which schools had money, and we were sort of in the middle of that pack. That’s where I first began to have some degree (of concern) on where the stance of the conference was. In the fall of 2009, we began to hear rumors about UT meeting and talking with the Pac-10. I was actually in Austin in December 2009 meeting with (University of Texas president) Bill Powers. At that point, I had asked everyone but him to leave the room so we could talk privately. I asked him if there was any conversation between him and the Pac-10 and his answer basically was, "I can’t talk about that." The next month, he was in College Station, and we met in my office. I had the same question, and he gave me the same answer.

    The Trib: MU remains quiet on conference future
    PowerMizzou: Curators adjourn with no action taken
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Mizzou curators sneak out back door without comment
    Post-Dispatch: MU curators take no action on move
    College Football Talk: Mizzou Board of Curators, AD sneak out back door after meeting
  • End Goal? Wat?
    The Missourian: Conference realignment has no master plan
  • Logos: The Real Victim Of Realignment
    The Missourian: Changing conference logo part of transition for realignment schools
  • My God, Berry Tramel Is Schizophrenic
    Daily Oklahoman: For football's sake, Missouri better think about this SEC thing
  • Finally, We Get To Find Out What Rick Barnes Thinks About All Of This
    The Trib (Steve Walentik)
    : Texas Coach Rick Barnes weighs in on realignment
    Post-Dispatch: Big 12 basketball coaches tired of MU distraction
    The Missourian: Big 12 men's basketball coaches sound off on realignment

Mizzou Basketball Links

It really is rather amazing to think about what could change for Missouri if Kim English gets out of his own head and plays ball. I still think Ricardo Ratliffe is the most important player on the team, whatever "most important" means, but Good English and Bad English could have significant impacts on Missouri's 2011-12 season.

  • Media Day
    KC Star: Haith at media day: Talking KU rivalry
    Post-Dispatch: MU's Haith deflects Miami talk
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): News and notes from Big 12 Media Day
  • KC Star: More will be asked of Mizzou -- and Kim English

    In 2010, English was the team’s scoring leader at 14.0 points and one of its most confident shooters at 37 percent from behind the arc.

    The numbers dipped last year. He averaged 10 points, shot 36.6 percent on threes, and a career on an expected upswing leveled off.

    In this season of great change for Missouri — coach, system, roster flux — English will be asked to do more.

    Hit threes? Gotta have ’em. Guard the other team’s power forward? Find a way. Be a better overall player than last year? A must if Mizzou is to return to the NCAA Tournament. [...]

    "I’m going to have to guard some bigger guys," English said. "Keep my guy off the glass."

    Besides, English said, growing up in Baltimore, the post is what he knew.

    "If you’re 6-4 and in the inner city, you’re a center your whole life," English said.

  • Senior Interview: Matt Pressey
  • PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Ricardo Ratliffe
  • The Missourian: Missouri gives walk-on Rosburg chance to play again

Other Basketball Links

  • K-State
    KC Star: With Jacob Pullen gone, K-State will rely on depth and athletic ability

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer Tigers Blackout Kansas Friday
  • Mizzou Volleyball Volleyball Heads to No. 8 Texas
  • Mizzou Baseball College Recruiting Classes
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Missouri frosh gets feel for heat at Big 12 media day