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Mizzou Links, 10-27-11

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 24: Blaine Gabbert #11 of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates after the game against the Baltimore Ravens at EverBank Field on October 24, 2011 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 24: Blaine Gabbert #11 of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates after the game against the Baltimore Ravens at EverBank Field on October 24, 2011 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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First things first: Happy Birthday, Bill C's Dad!!!!

Mizzou Football Links

Not going to lie: while I have clearly expressed that I am not too concerned with James Franklin's growth as a quarterback (no matter what "TIME TO PLAY BERKSTRESSER" ridiculousness may reside in other pockets of the Internet) ... I'm much more concerned with the "Franklin's disappearing confidence" articles that have poked out of the ground this week. Chase Daniel made some killer mistakes in October of his sophomore season, but his confidence never wavered.

  • A&M
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers: Inspecting the Aggies
    The Missourian: Numbers can be deceiving in matchup between Missouri and Texas A&M
    Dallas Morning News: DeRuyter assesses the Missouri offense
  • QB No. 1
    The Trib: Tigers try to lift James Franklin's saggy spirits
  • Randy Ponder And A Cheesy Title
    PowerMizzou: Pondering The Journey
  • Gaines
    KC Star: Missouri's E.J. Gaines made up for mistake with big play
  • Arrowhead
    KC Star: End to Border War game at Arrowhead would have financial implications
  • Gabs
    Big Cat Country: Blaine Gabbert... here's the thing

    Gabbert's footwork is piss poor, to be perfectly honest. While he's suffered from drops and has played behind a make shift offensive line for much of his games, he's still just flat out missing guys because of his footwork. That's going to happen, though. These are the kind of growing pains you're going to have to go through with a rookie quarterback. It's clear what Gabbert needs to work on. He throws off his back foot more often than he should, which causes his passes to sail. He's still getting used to dealing with NFL pressure, and he rushes some throws.

    These things are going to happen. He needs a good quarterback coach to refine and tap his potential, because he flashes it quite often, just not consistently enough yet. The best thing he has going for him however is, he doesn't make a lot of mental mistakes. Gabbert doesn't make many throws that make you say, "What in the hell is he doing?" He also doesn't turn the football over. One of his interceptions was thrown in a monsoon before half time and the other was Gregg Williams baiting the rookie to make a throw. Outside of that, his mistakes as far as bad throw decisions have been minimal. He just got finished playing the top three defenses in the NFL in a row and his only turnover was on a fumble.

    Basically what I'm saying is; Be patient. It's going to be a long season.

Other Football Links

  • Why Isn't Gameday Heading To Manhattan?
    KC Star (Campus Corner): A few minutes with ... ESPN's Chris Fowler
  • T. Boone Takes Over The Oklahoman, Apparently
    Daily Oklahoman: Boone Pickens in 2005: Hire Mike Holder as athletic director or I won't donate this money
    Daily Oklahoman: OSU megabooster Boone Pickens riding as high as his Cowboys are ranked
    Daily Oklahoman: Boone Pickens needs to be 'convinced on West Virginia'

Remember: T. Boone is unsure about West Virginia, but he thinks Rice would be a damn fine get.

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011 ridiculousness after the jump.


So the more I hear about how things have played out, the more convinced I am that David Boren did as much as any one person to convince Brady Deaton that leaving the Big 12 might be a good thing. It's one thing when you are dealing with infinite power struggles with Texas. It's another thing when a career politician decides to play a much, much more public role with the conference's other primary cog.

Let's just say that the links below back Deaton up considerably if Boren and his ego were indeed primary players. Good grief.

(And by the way ... hey, Big 12: JUST INVITE BOTH WEST VIRGINIA AND LOUISVILLE. THROW IN CINCINNATI, TOO. The Big East is decaying, and you have a chance to add actual markets, with actual TV sets, to the mix. I shouldn't have to tell you this.)

  • So When's This SEC Thing Going To Happen, Exactly?
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Sorting out the SEC timeline

    Deaton leaves next Tuesday for a nine-day trip to India for what's considered a major scientific conference. The trip has been scheduled for six months, according to the chancellor's office at MU. Deaton is slated to give the keynote address at what is officially titled the International Conference on Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health, Energy and Environmental Perspectives. The trip is scheduled for Nov. 1-9.

    Assuming Deaton would be involved in the official announcement event on the MU campus, his India trip leaves Monday as the only day next week to host such an occasion. An official announcement on Halloween? Door prizes for best costumes? Of course, something could still unfold this week. Friday would not be convenient if MU would like the reporters who cover the team to be in attendance. We'll be on our way to Texas A&M, as will Gary Pinkel. But the clock is ticking .....

    KC Star (Campus Corner): MU timeline: Deaton leaves for India next week
  • Why The Delay?
    Mr. SEC: Tuesday Explodes With Rumors And Tweets, But Mizzou Still On Target For SEC

    * Missouri still wants into the SEC in 2012 and is working to make that happen.  MU chancellor Brady Deaton wasn’t blowing smoke last Friday when he told a press conference that any move Mizzou makes will be made with next year in mind.

    * The Big 12 has thrown up more resistance than expected — including the declaration that the league cannot play with nine teams next year (even though some schools and coaches had campaigned for that very thing) — and that resistance could slow down an MU-SEC announcement, but the SEC office knew there would be some snares.

    * It’s still possible Missouri and the SEC will announce a union this week, but MU will have to clear the legal hurdles being tossed around — just as Texas A&M did — first.

    * Could this lead to a 2013 SEC entry for Missouri if all goes wrong?  Yes, but the SEC had anticipated that, too.

    The feeling I get from talking to people around the league is one of calm.  If Missouri’s in by 2012, great.  If they’re in the following year, the SEC will survive one season as a 13-school league.  (But it’s clear landing a 14th school for next season would be the preference.)

  • What Does A&M Think About Missouri And The SEC?
    Post-Dispatch: A&M president sees parallels with Mizzou
  • Hey, Uh, West Virginia? About That Whole "Done Deal" Thing ... You See, We're Going To Let Politicians Into The Fray. What Could Possibly Go Wrong, Right?
    KC Star: Red River rivalry seeps into Big 12 expansion talks
    KC Star: Big 12 drama becomes a political football

    The Big 12 was on the receiving end of some heat thrown by both U.S. senators from West Virginia on Wednesday, a day after the conference appeared ready to invite the Mountaineers into the Big 12 … then didn’t.

    The senators wanted to know more about a conversation that was reported by The New York Times between Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and Oklahoma president David Boren, a former senator, that may have been the obstacle for West Virginia’s inclusion in the Big 12.

    McConnell, a Louisville graduate, lobbied for his alma mater, which was seen in some circles as a leading expansion target for the Big 12 until late last week, when West Virginia became the leader.

    "The Big 12 picked WVU on the strength of its program — period," West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller said. "Now the media reports that political games may upend that. That’s just flat wrong. I am doing and will do whatever it takes to get us back to the merits."

    WVU Illustrated: Sens. Manchin, Rockefeller Issue Statements on WVU to Big 12 Situation
    Daily Oklahoman: OU confused by talk of Big 12 Network

    University president David Boren told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Oklahoma still plans to form its own network and that he was surprised the Big 12 went public with the consideration of a conference network. The same third-tier television rights control what would be aired on either a school's channel or a conference channel.

    Oklahoma intends to keep those rights — just as Texas has in creating its Longhorn Network through a 20-year, $300 million deal with ESPN.

    So how could the Big 12 form a network without its two most powerful programs?

    "I don't know because I don't see quite how the conference network would work," Boren told the AP. "I'm confused by that myself."

    Big East Coast Bias: Louisville and West Virginia Battle For A Big XII Invitation
    Team Speed Kills: And Now Congress Gets Involved
    College Football Talk: WV senator speaks on rumors of Big 12 lobbying by Louisville
    Post-Dispatch: West Virginia to Big 12 stalls as Louisville enters picture
    CBS Sports: How close did Big 12 come to adding WVU?
    Chicago Tribune: West Virginia, Louisville battle for Big 12 bid, leaving UCF, Big East stuck in neutral
  • Self-Share!
    SB Nation: Big 12 Realignment: What's In Store If West Virginia Heads West?
  • Realignment Humor! #RealignmentCostume

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

Ugh ... Mizzou Volleyball has now lost four five-setters in Big 12 play. They are a few points here and there from 7-3 in conference. Instead, they're 3-6. Nothing screams "young as hell" like a team that can't quite figure out how to close the deal.


If Terrell Owens were a genuine, self-destructive sociopath, he would one day hope to be what Mario Balotelli has become.

  • Why Always Me?
    YouTube: Man City's Balotelli sets the Premier League alight
  • SB Nation With The Verge, SB Nation looks beyond just gadgets