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Mizzou Links, 10-3-11

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I'm told Deaton and MU are playing hard ball over changes they want made. Doesn't mean MU staying or not. But MU is not playing pattycake.
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So we got through the weekend with word of "progress" being made in terms of the Big 12 and Mizzou's demands for change. We'll see what kind of impact that has on tomorrow's curators meeting. I like that Mizzou does seem to recognize that they're the only ones with leverage right now and are trying to use it. Last time they had leverage, Chip Brown Texas used the nuclear device known as "the threat of the Pac-16" to destroy them. This time around, that doesn't exist. We'll see what happens, I guess.

Mizzou Football Links

So Aldon Smith makes an impact, and Justin Smith strips Jeremy Maclin late to preserve San Francisco's win over Philadelphia. Fun. Maclin is tied for seventh in the league in terms of receptions, but the Eagles are struggling ... much like the Jags, who have almost no weapons to place around Blaine Gabbert and, for one reason or another, don't give the ball to their best player (MJD) too often.

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Five thoughts on the weekend in Big 12 action...

1. Kudos to K-State for riding out the storm and sticking to the gameplan. Baylor was scoring every time they touched the ball for a while, but KSU kept grinding out yards and keeping it close, then found a couple of late defensive adjustments that stymied Robert Griffin III and company. Hopefully Mizzou was taking copious notes, both in terms of what KSU is going to do and what might work against Baylor in a few more weeks.

2. I still love Robert Griffin III. Not sure I've ever had a stronger emotional attachment to a Mizzou opponent before.

3. God, A&M. This is taking 1998 Mizzou's "lead every game at halftime before losing" trademark to a rather ridiculous level.

4. Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson finished three consecutive drives with interceptions on Saturday night. That's, uh, tough to do.

5. Wow, did Texas look good in the first half against Iowa State.

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Trib: Tiger transfers will spend season biding their time

Mizzou Soccer Links

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So I'd say it was a mostly good weekend for Mizzou alums, huh?


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