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Week Six BlogPoll Sponsored By Samsung: A Crimson Takeover of the Top Spot

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I wish that the Blogpoll software offered an option to tie teams instead of having to make clear declarative differences between them. Of course, if it could do that, I would probably have six teams numbered 20 each week at the bottom of the poll.

However it would allow for me to hedge a little bit about Alabama and LSU, although based on the performances this past week, I have the Crimson Tide as number one. While LSU didn't lose to Kentucky or anything, I feel better about Alabama's performance in the Swamp at night than I did about LSU's daytime win at home over the Wildcats.

Also, I finally had to look at what Clemson has been doing. I've been reluctant to really recoginize what the Tigers have been doing, but their victories over the last three weeks (including going on the road at night to Virginia Tech and winning) move them way up the charts for me into the top ten.

Welcome to the Top 25 Michigan State.

Oh, Texas A&M. I just can't quit you for some reason. Maybe one day I'll figure out what that reason is.

Ballot after the jump. And now we are at the point where I can use RPT's old line:

 STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Ignore the deltas. This ballot was filed from scratch with zero regard for last week's ballot. Thus, the "you dropped X team Y spots for beating team Z [score] to [score]???" argument does not stand.