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Mizzou 17, Texas 5: Mizzou Handcuffs Horns, Loses Josey

Texas gained 78 yards on their first drive, then gained just 169 the rest of the game as Mizzou built a double-digit lead and coasted to a 17-5 win over the No. 20 Longhorns. It was Gary Pinkel's final opportunity against Mack Brown, and he got the job done. The win came with a price, however; early indications are that Henry Josey is lost for the season with a knee injury. Still, it was a good win for the Tigers, now 5-5 on the season. Consider this your celebration/evening thread.

UPDATE: About as bad as humanly possible.

Just heard news about Tigers' Henry Josey. Triple tear--ACL, MCL, patellar tendon. Devastating injury. Please keep him in your prayers.