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Mizzou Links, 11-17-11

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

Other Football Links

  • Self-Share Stewart Mandel Podcast with Yours Truly

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Niagara Tonight Hoops Hosts Niagara Thursday Mizzou vs. Niagara TV Coverage Info
  • Haith's Style
    KC Star: Haith preaches control over flash

    By his reaction after sophomore point guard Phil Pressey delivered no-look and behind-the-back passes that became turnovers, Haith made one thing clear.

    It was great that Pressey scored 22 points in Missouri’s 81-63 victory over Mercer. But after two games, Pressey has matched seven assists with seven turnovers.

    Missouri had three turnovers in a first half that Haith liked very much. In the second half the Tigers had 10 turnovers, which made Haith …

    "Enthusiastic!" guard Michael Dixon suggested.

    Mad was more like it by his reaction to some of Pressey’s passing fancy.

  • Attendance
    PowerMizzou: 2011 Tiger Mailbag

    So what's YOUR take on the Mizzou bball attendence or lack thereof?? 150,000 people in and around COMO, 30,000 students. It can't all be Haith or last seasons bad ending. Mike Anderson went to an Elite 8 and won the most games in school history and the following year was abismal as usual. So is it a mixture of ticket prices/donation requirements, bad opponents, and time of the games??? it's not a KC/STL problem, its a COMO problem IMO. People seem to just not care.

    GD: My take is that Missouri just doesn't have a very rabid basketball fan base. Most of the fans who get season tickets do so largely to be able to attend the Kansas game (it will be interesting to see what happens to season ticket sales when that game is no longer on the schedule). It's not Columbia problem, a mid-MO problem, a KC problem or a St. Louis problem. It's a Missouri fan problem. I understand some of the reasons. People were mad the way Norm was shown the door. They were turned off by the Quin-Clemons deal. There were some down years. The schedule isn't good enough. They don't like the Haith hire. The school doesn't advertise or market games well enough. Those are all reasons people give. ... But the fact is, just as in football, Missouri fans can always find a reason to stay away. To me, great fanbases are the ones that show up all the time no matter what.

Other Basketball Links

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  • SEC Dixie-nary: D is for Dixie

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    Big 12 Sports: Missouri Student Athlete Spotlight: Lisa Henning
  • Mizzou Women's Volleyball Missouri Steps Up for 68-56 Victory over SLU
    The Missourian: Missouri women chalk up road win over SLU