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Mizzou Links, 11-2-11

Blaine Gabbert: potty mouth.
Blaine Gabbert: potty mouth.

Mizzou Football Links

Have to love the toughness that is developing on the Mizzou offense -- James Franklin's running, Michael Egnew's yards after catch, etc. When you are able to play that physically, it makes whatever speed advantages you may have (i.e. Henry Josey) stand out a bit more.

  • On To Baylor
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Pinkel on Baylor
  • The Tank
    The Trib: James Franklin's 'tough' TD dash vs. Aggies motivator for MU
    The Missourian: Nothing nice about Missouri quarterback Franklin's running style
  • Throw It To No. 85
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Marcus Lucas
  • And No. 82
    KC Star: Missouri's Michael Egnew is tough to bring down after making catches
  • Gabbert And His Potty Mouth
    Houston Chronicle: TV mikes catching a rash of cussing incidents
    Black and Teal: Blaine Gabbert: EDGIEST MAN IN AMERICA? Gabbert not to blame for struggles as Jaguars starting QB

Other Football Links

You have to admit: a Mizzou-Illinois bowl would be fun.


It is going to get nasty in the Big East. Never mind the fresh boatload of new blood; WVU is going to fight like crazy to get out (and if they reach the exits, Pitt and Syracuse will be right behind them), while the Big East is evidently going to fight like crazy to keep them even with the new blood. And that kind of screws up Missouri's assumed exit plans as well.

  • Big East Expansion
    CBS Sports: Boise State, Three Others Could Join Big East By Friday
    Daily Oklahoman: Big East to invite Boise State, 5 others
    Card Chronicle: Big East to round up the usual suspects
  • And Yes, They Still Plan To Hold WVU To 27 Months
    SB Nation (Self-Share): West Virginia Sues The Big East: Conference Realignment, Extreme Lawyering Edition
    Big East Coast Bias: Statement From Commissioner Marinatto
  • Basketball
    The Trib: Conference shuffling yields hoops winners, losers
  • Notre Dame
    CSN Chicago: Notre Dame covering its bases in realignment?

Mizzou Basketball Links

Interesting direction with the rules changes.

  • Exhibition Basketball Hosts Truman State Wednesday
    KC Star: Mizzou to play more intrastate hoops against Truman State
  • Rules Changes
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): Alden discusses sweeping NCAA changes

    Starting June 15 after a a recruit's sophomore year, coaches will be allowed to send unlimited phone calls and text messages to men’s basketball recruits. The deregulation also extends to social media, though public messages through social networks will continue to be prohibited because of existing rules against schools publicizing their recruiting efforts. The NCAA also moved up the date when prospects can begin taking official visits to Jan. 1 of their junior year, with schools permitted to pay for travel expenses for both the player and a parent or guardian. It also moved to allow some contact between recruits and coaches at the player's school during their junior year, reinstated April evaluation periods with restrictions to two weekends and shrank the July evaluation periods to three four-day periods. It also changed the rules to permit staged, on-campus evaluations during official visits.

    The recruiting changes were made at the suggestion of the NCAA Leadership Council, which had been tasked with studying the recruiting situation for the past year. Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden serves as the Leadership Council's chairman.

    "This model recognizes that men’s basketball recruits are vulnerable to mixed messages concerning athletic skills and education at an early age and that college coaches offer the best hope to promote higher education," Alden said in a statement announcing the changes last week. "It also attempts to provide for a natural progression of communication, contact and paid visits for coaches to establish relationships with prospective student-athletes and their families."

  • Kimmeh Senior Interview: Kim English
  • Recruiting
    Recruiting Spotlight: Ishmail Wainright

Other Mizzou Links

You know the Golf team didn't do very well when the headline doesn't mention anything about the finish. "Mizzou Golf Team Participates," basically.