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Rock M Roundtable!

UPDATE: Consider this your unofficial Mizzou-Truman State Exhibition Live Thread as well. Because why not?


D-Sing: Before we begin the Roundtable this week, I wanted to call attention to a passing comment from last week's roundtable. As we were wrapping up, Bill said this:

Bill C.: In other news, we are going to kick the hell out of A&M with a late surge, evidently.

Is Bill psychic now that he works for SBN full time? Or do I just need to not stay up too late at night out here in Vegas?

Bill C.: Great roundtables create great wins. It's, like, science.

The Beef: So I guess we are starting this one early then I take it?  Good thing us pie lovers are up early.

Bill C.: (Conspicuously adding ghtd36 to this because OMG D-SING TOTALLY HATES GHTD36 AND LEFT HIM OUT ON PURPOSE....)

1 - What is your one sustaining image from Missouri's win over Texas A&M last Saturday? (Oh, right, need a question for Doug, too. So uh, Doug? You guys are keeping Turner Gill for years and years and years, right?)

2 - Texas Tech broke Oklahoma's decade-long conference home winning streak, then lost by 34 at home to Iowa State. Name a higher high and a lower low that could take place within an eight-day window.

3 - Atch is out today, so let's talk about how, like, totally awesome conference realignment is!!! Actually, I'll just ask for your viewpoint as it pertains to the Mizzou-to-SEC radio silence that is taking place right now. In your mind, what is the reason for the delay of any sort of announcement? (Give one serious answer and one ridiculous one. Though I guess those could be one and the same.)

4 - Why yes, I did attempt something of a Next Iron Chef live thread last Sunday night after the game in Joplin. Want to fight about it? (Okay, fine, real question: name a show this season that you always try to watch in real time and not later on DVR.)

The Beef: 1 - I will say Lucas going up to catch the fade in OT.  Franklin had more zip than loft on it, but he still put it right where it needed to be.  Big time catch at a big time part of the game at a big time part of the season.  Needless to say, I had little confidence in the FG attempt before OT, and less confidence going into OT.  Great stuff which I hope later can be tracked back to what propelled us through the rest of the season.

2 - 2007….MU beats kU in our Game of the Century, then loses to OU to lose our shot at a bowl game…finding out Sunday night we don’t even get to go to the Orange Bowl.  That seemed pretty low at the time (though I loved every minute of the weekend in Dallas)

3 - I really do believe MU is being as cautious as they can at this point.  Can we leave and be in the SEC in 2012?  Absolutely.  Are we waiting for every last detail to be ironed out, and are now stuck in the Big 12/WVU vs. BEast?  Yes.  Am I OK with this?  I really am.  I’d rather just one announcement and make it all official than announcing and still having things flapping in the wind.  It took 100 years for us to get here…a few more weeks SHOULD NOT be hurting anyone (though clearly it is for some reason).

4 - Nothing escapes the grasp of the DVR.  I suppose the only thing I try to watch live would be the news.

Doug: 1 - What do you guys care? You're already measuring the SEC drapes. Seriously though, I realize what Beef was saying last week about the talent divide between KU and every other team, but Turner Gill is going to write his own obituary if KU continues to look so unprepared and overwhelmed on the field. There is no excuse for the performance against Texas and if that performance repeats itself every weekend between now and after Thanksgiving, KU will have no choice but to replace him.

2 - I'll just take the inverse of Beef's example.

3 - Okay, here's the reasonable explanation: there are a couple SEC schools still needed to reach approval for Missouri, and those schools want something: a national broadcast football game, a home game on a certain weekend. Once those demands have been ironed out, Missouri will get voted in.
Crazy explanation: Missouri over-played it's hand and is in danger of being stuck in the no-man's land between the Big 12, which doesn't want MU at this point, and the SEC, which isn't too crazy about MU either. Basically the silence is all those "cracka's be shakin" in Columbia, and everyone knows it.

4 - Even though I'm not a Nielsen family, and now that I'm finally not working nights, I do try to watch Chuck in real time. Even if I don't factor into the ratings, I like to think by watching Chuck live, I'm giving the show a little bit of hope to get another season.

Bill C.: (It's already been announced that this is Chuck's last season.)

The Beef: Not been a good week for Doug….

Doug: Yeah, thanks for the head's up, guys. But, consider the history of NBC since Chuck premiered. Alan Sepinwall came up with a list of something like 40 shows that have been cancelled since Chuck premiered. There may not be a great chance, but I think there's a small chance Chuck could get another stay of execution if NBC's track record of success continues.

The Beef: They did get the kiss of death though…the move to Friday night…when no one watches TV

Bill C.: Yep, and the first episode had to go up against the rain-delayed World Series Game 7 and apparently just did horribly.

But because your offense gained fewer than 50 yards on Saturday, Doug, I'll just pat you on the back and say there's always a chance.

The Beef: Wow…that was kind of a jerk-move by Bill there…stupid cake-eater

Doug: Seriously, if anyone should be getting a pat on the back, it's the cake-eater.

Bill C.: I have no problem being a part of the (obviously correct) minority on this pressing issue.

Doug: It's not just the fact you choose cake over pie.  Your favorite kind of cake is red velvet.  Red velvet!

ZouDave: Red Velvet.  Velvet Elvis.  Elvis Fisher.  Fisher Price.  Price…buyout.  It’s the buyout money that’s causing the delay!

Consider that my ridiculous answer for #3, even though that could be the real reason I just chose to reach that conclusion in an absurd fashion.

1 – Jacquies' strip of Tannehill in the waning moments of the 4th quarter.  A&M needed ONE more first down, and the game was over (their kicker is Grant Ressel pre-2011).  Smith came around the edge, got his hand on the ball, and the rest is awesome.  Such a huge play at a moment where we really could not have waited a moment longer.  Absolutely snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and I think that play will be the turning point of the season.

2 – That could take place or that did take place?  Because high-to-low for me came in 2008 when we stomped a mudhole in Nebraska in their home stadium 52-17, then came home and let Oklahoma State get out of Columbia with a victory.  I honestly believed after watching us play in Nebraska that previous week that we were one of the 3 best teams in the country that year; I mean there was no doubt in my mind.  And then…..poof.  And then the next week against Texas…..ugh.

3 – Like El Beeferino (if you’re into that whole brevity thing) said, I think Missouri is just being as patient and cautious as possible because really they have no reason not to be.  I don’t think there’s any chance the Big XII can kick us out, so what’s the hurry?  And of course there will be a way for us to get in the SEC for the 2012 season…contracts get not-followed all of the time.  So Missouri is just waiting to make sure everything is known, everything happens with the best possible outcome for Missouri, and no mistakes are made.  People may be overly tired of the process, but it’s a far sight better for it to take perceivably 2 months too long this year then to ever have to go through this again.  People will forget ALL ABOUT THIS in a year.

4 – I pretty much watch The Office in real time.  I normally DVR both Big Bang Theory and Community on Thursday, and for the last few weeks there’s always been something else I’ve been doing at 7pm on Thursday that keeps me from watching either in real time.  But I usually have no problem getting both of those watched by 8pm, then watch The Office, and then I’m done watching live TV for the week.  Everything else is DVR, except for sports.

SleepyFloyd7: 1- The Ponder interception. That game was just about over with A&M driving for the killshot. Brad Madison bumped Tannehill's arm, and the former walk-on made the play of the game. He completely flipped the field, and the script of the game.

2 - I'll go with the same ones as Dave - the tail-whuppin put on Nebraska in Lincoln (they let us down on the field after the game, and it was surreal how quiet that stadium was). Then the next week - Oklahoma State on Saturday Night, on ABC, with Musberger, Herbie and this young lady:

(she smelled like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies). The town was PUMPED, the stadium was PUMPED, and then the let-down game. I remember walking out after the press conference just stunned.

3 - I believe this is all about the final buy-out amount. the B12 is trying to play hard-ball to force Mizzou's hand to stay for a year if WVU won't be ready to go right away. I believe both will be able to make their moves for 2012, it just may cost a few million more.

Ridiculous - Mike Slive has asked Mizzou to sacrifice a young co-ed in a sun-dress upon the alter of college football - located in Fordyce, AR at the childhood home of Paul "Bear" Bryant. The assembled administrators, athletic directors and coaches all gather in their dark, hooded cloaks in a barn, secluded in a copse of Southern Elm trees. Will "SEC Master at Arms" Muschamp will pass the ceremonial 16-inch Facón to Brady Deaton to seal the deal. They collect the blood in a copper kettle to make some really kick-ass boudin. (Hey, big-time college football is a dirty business. Get used to it) Mizzou is dragging their feet because they have an inferiority complex that the co-ed might not be SEC caliber "Talent."

4 - About the only show I watch live is The Walking Dead. Everything else is time-shifted/

D-Sing: Yeah, sorry Tepper. My bad.

I'm tempted to start #teamcremebrulee or #teamcobbler just to be contrarian in the whole cake/pie debate.

1. My sustaining image is a long one, because it is the entirety of the second half and overtime (even though I had to go to a soccer game). But I watched the whole first half and was worried that we were going to get steamrolled since we all know A&M has superior talent to everyone in the country and should be able to handle a third or fourth tier athletic department easily.(/beergutting).

But the fact that the defense gave up 3 points over the last 30+ minutes on the road is a positive step forward as far as I am concerned.

2. I have to agree with Beef. Highest high and lowest low right there.

3. I firmly believe that the radio silence is because....there is nothing to talk about. We haven't officially withdrawn from the Big 12 (contrary to the press release that went out last week) and so there is no need for an official announcement. Based on what we saw, it seems like its going to happen, but I can see us waiting to make sure all of the "i"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed so that we aren't, well, suing the league like West Virginia.

Either that, or Mizzou is waiting for a Big East invite, but the call has to go through the Texas Rangers visitors bullpen.

4. The only things we watch in real time at this point are sporting events. Everything else gets filtered through the DVR (even if it is a half-hour delay) simply because I have no tolerance for commercials. And if I don't have to watch them...I won't.

The Beef: Funny you mention #teamcobbler…as The Tailgate Queen announced to me her allegiance to that (should it exist).

ZouDave: #TeamCheesecake is ultimately the winner.

That, or #TeamIHadMyPictureTakenWithErinAndrews

SleepyFloyd7: In my defense - I think I have done a pretty good job of resisting my urge to post that picture in EVERY roundtable.

D-Sing: If Cheesecake is its own category, then it is the unquestioned champion.

If you consider cheesecake as a cake or a pie, then it muddies the issue.

Bill C.: Alright, alright ... new topic: #TeamMusberger, #TeamLundquist, #TeamNessler or #TeamGusJohnson?

Doug: Ooof... I'll go #TeamNessler only because he actually seems to do prep work for the games he calls.

D-Sing: For basketball I like Gus and Nessler.

I don't listen to them calling football games, so it's a moot point for me.

The Beef: Oh wow…..I have to go #TeamMusberger.  I love Vern, and Nessler is underrated I think.  Gus is still all about basketball to me (though he is getting better at football, but my heart will always be with #TeamMusberger (especially because he offered to write me a letter of recommendation to Northwestern when I was back in high school and used to serve his Boston Chicken to him)

ZouDave: I will end up on #TeamNessler, but I do have a soft spot for #TeamMusberger.  His voice is iconic.

Although since Gus Johnson is basically becoming Mizzou’s in-house announcer with every one of our games being on FX, I may get used to him very quickly.

The Beef: I am JUST old enough to remember the end of NFL Today on CBS, and Musberger has had me since then.  Also loved his call of the 1995 Mariners/Yankees game where Jr. Griffey scored the winning run

D-Sing: Don't remind me about the end of that game. "Black Jack" McDowell. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I need to decide if I am going to Salt Lake City, Los Angeles or Tucson in January for this.

The Beef: I do enjoy that evidently Montreal has seceded from French Canadia and joined Connecticut

D-Sing: Yeah, I saw that.

Apparently conference realignment has hit Canada as well.

It would be less absurd than Boise State in the Big East.

The Beef: Probably all just a ploy to get what will soon be known as Les Whalers back

SleepyFloyd7: Do I want to go see Mythbusters? Yes.
Would I trade my tickets for Lewis Black at Missouri Theatre? I'd have to sleep on that.


The Beef: I saw Lewis Black at the Fox…while he was funny…it loses a little something.  You need a GOOD set up for him, because the screaming actually does not always become easy to hear if the acoustics are not the best.

SleepyFloyd7: Anyone else participating in No Shave November?

I am considering making this month, and the #TremendousStubble drive my bi-annual beards.

ZouDave: Well I haven’t shaved yet this month, but not because of No-Shave November.

I have a feeling I won’t be given a choice but to shave at Thanksgiving.  My grandma, mother and sister would all throw a fit if I showed up with any kind of beard.  You’d think I wasn’t actually an independent 35 year old man, but apparently when it comes to facial hair in the family I very much am not.

Bill C.: It's no-shave November? Cool. That's my excuse for not shaving then.

The Beef: I suppose I have yet to shave for the month…but I usually only shave on Monday these days

ghtd36: Ain't NOTHIN' wrong with #TeamCobbler.

The Beef: She said she wanted either #TeamCobbles or #TeamCrumble.  I am sure someone will now tell me what the difference is..

Resident baker D-Sing?

SleepyFloyd7: Dave, if your Grandma gives you guff for your chin-muff, just tell her you took a job as a roadie for Fleet Foxes.

ZouDave: My Grandmother is 93 years old…she wouldn’t understand the majority of words in that sentence.

SleepyFloyd7: Exactly, deflect disdain with confusion.

The Beef: I just like the irony a sentence with the word muff and ZD’s grandmother.  Now we know where his sister gets it


SleepyFloyd7: I always just assumed that Dave's Sister got it from everybody.

The Beef: Wow….WOW.  Business has just picked up.


D-Sing: Cobbler topping is dough (like biscuit dough dumplings) while a crumble is topped with oatmeal.

SleepyFloyd7: Please expound on the distinctions between cobblers, crisps, crumbles, buckles, slumps, grunts and pandowdies.

D-Sing: Cobbler, slump, grunt and pandowdy are all closely related and are of New England origin. A grunt is usually steamed on the stovetop with dumpling/biscuit batter spooned on top of the stewed fruit. The name "grunt" comes from the sound made while its cooking.

Pandowdy is made with rolled dough (like a pie crust) on top of stewed fruit which is then baked.

Cobbler is like a grunt but baked.

Slump is a hodgepodge; it can be stewed fruit or raw fruit with a biscuit or rolled dough top that can be baked or steamed or even made upside down. It's a bit of a mess.

Crumble and crisp are related, as far as being topped with an oatmeal/nut mixture (streussel) and then baked off. The variance comes from is the fruit raw (crisp) or cooked (crumble) before being topped.

A buckle, generally speaking, has fruit mixed with yellow cake batter and then baked off. It might be topped. It might not be.

These are generalities, as there are some people who will swear that nomenclature be damned, it is acceptable to call a peach fruit stew topped with pie crust a cobbler. Results may vary.

(Two hours later…)

ZouDave: Right now what I’ve seen out of the roundtable as it relates to what we’ll do on Saturday is:

1st Quarter – Ridiculously fast start, probably an opening kickoff return for a TD or less than 3 play drive to open the game.  1st Quarter is ours going away.

2nd Quarter – We try to do what worked last week against A&M, but it falls apart and isn’t there.  We switch it up, have a really strong drive to keep the lead.

3rd Quarter – Team goes old school for a play, it doesn’t end up resulting in a score and team falls asleep.



OK - What was the greatest Halloween costume you ever wore? (Bonus for photographic evidence

The Beef: While some of my friends (including my eventual wife) dressed up as Ghostbusters, I went as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  There is a picture which does exist, though not currently in digital form

ZouDave: I’ve never been big on dressing up for Halloween.  It just never excited me.  I honestly think the last time I dressed up for Halloween was at work in 2003 when a co-worker and I went as "Jay and Silent Bob".  I was Silent Bob.  Bought a long, dark wig, got a fake beard, had a long black trenchcoat, and wore jeans and a sweatshirt underneath.  I put a hat on backwards, borrowed a cigarette and tucked it behind my ear, and literally said nothing the entire day; my co-worker stayed with me the entire day explaining to people why I wasn’t talking.

That was a good day.

Other than that, I have very few memorable costumes as a kid.  I know I went as a Viking once, and Dracula once, and E.T. once.

SleepyFloyd7: When I was 7 or 8, I went as a Jawa with a brown robe and little LED lights for eyes under the hood. I thought that was kickass.

no photo.

And last year - my daughter suggested these (and I decided to go along).

ZouDave: I’m sure at some point I was something from the Star Wars universe, but I don’t know for sure.  I definitely was never a Jawa (that would be awesome) or an Ewok.  There may have been a Yoda mask at some point, but I really don’t know.

And there’s definitely a picture somewhere of me as Silent Bob, but it’s not digital and I’m sure it’s lost for all time.

D-Sing: The only costume I have a memory of from when I was a kid was when I dressed up as a low-rent version of Snoopy's World War I Flying Ace. Hat, large swim goggles, a scarf and a stick. No photos exist (real or digital).