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Saturday Live Thread

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Alright, time for a fresh pre-game live thread. Tailgating today at Arrowhead? Feel free to post your location for some Rock M meet-ups (as a continuation of this thread, I guess). Watching from home? Hang out here! Killing time in an Oklahoma City hotel room while your baby continues nappy time? Well ... then you're just like me.

11:00 AM CT

Iowa State at Oklahoma (FX)
Ohio State at Michigan (ABC)
Georgia at Georgia Tech (ESPN)
Rutgers at UConn (ESPN2)
Michigan State at Northwestern (BTN)
Cincinnati at Syracuse (ESPN3)

11:21 AM CT

Tennessee at Kentucky (SEC Network)

11:30 AM CT

Troy at Western Kentucky (ESPN3)
Maryland at N.C. State (ESPN3)

1:00 PM CT

Wyoming at Boise State (MTN)
Nevada at Utah State (ESPN3)