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Mizzou Beats Kansas: The Links

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.



  • The Trib: Game Notes

    Quarterback James Franklin has earned recognition for spreading the ball around to a wide array of receivers this season, and he found an unlikely target yesterday in left tackle Justin Britt.

    Though technically not a pass, Franklin threw laterally to Britt after faking a handoff to junior tailback Kendial Lawrence on a misdirection play early in the third quarter with Missouri facing second-and-13 from the Kansas 15. The 6-foot-5, 295-pound sophomore plowed forward for a 7-yard gain.

    Britt’s teammates and Pinkel were teasing him for not reaching the end zone.

    "I got in front of Travis Ruth and said, ‘Can you believe this guy didn’t score a touchdown?’ " Pinkel said. "So we were ripping him a little bit in the locker room. He said he wanted man-to-man because nobody was going to cover him then. He said the thing that screwed it up was the zone — zone coverage.

    "Like he really knows zone coverage and man-to-man. He’s an offensive lineman."

    Apparently one with a trusted set of hands.

    Pinkel said Missouri had the play in its game plan for at least four weeks, and he had made sure to warn the officials about it each time so they didn’t mistakenly flag the Tigers for throwing to an ineligible receiver. Yesterday was the first time they put it into practice.

    Britt was erroneously credited with a reception on the final stat sheet, meaning Franklin’s passing totals were inflated to 187 yards, not 180.


  • KC Star: Mizzou after the game: Big 12 won't help Mizzou on bowl

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