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Mizzou Links, 11-4-11

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Mizzou Football Links

Random ?: Has there been a more clutch catch than Marcus Lucas' OT grab last Saturday? What are some that stand out to you, Mizzou fans?
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Other Football Links

I highly, highly encourage you to read Senator Blutarsky's post below regarding the new pay-for-play rules the NCAA appears to be instituting. I feel I have completely neglected to talk about this issue, and it could lead to some incredible changes. The Senator has a nice summary of some of the huge issues on the table.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Why yes, there will be more about this soon. The quick summary of KenPom' preseason projections: they're friendly to Mizzou.

  • KENPOMKENPOMKENPOMKENPOMKENPOMKENPOM 2012 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings


Okay. I occasionally really enjoy Blair Kerkhoff, so I'm going to be as nice as possible about this, but the amount of generalizations in his "Mizzou must become more NFL-like" column below is just staggering. First of all, that the SEC has won five straight titles proves that the Big 12's approach to football doesn't work. Awesome. Never mind that a) the SEC's 2007 champion got amazingly lucky to even find a place in the title game after seemingly 13 other teams collapsed (and then happened to find the national title game in their backyard) and b) their 2009 champion got amazingly lucky when Colt McCoy got hurt on the game's opening series. Eliminate that game, and your argument basically comes down to "Because Florida beat Oklahoma in 2008, that's proof that the SEC's style will always prevail over the Big 12."

To compete long-term in the SEC, Mizzou will need to recruit incredibly well, either by landing some great prospects or unearthing even better diamond-in-the-rough types (or, probably, both). This isn't a shocking statement to make. But you need to work a little harder in setting up that point.

  • Culture
    Grantland: Does Missouri fit in the SEC?
  • This Headline Makes No Sense Once You Read The Article
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou still awaits word from the SEC

    Mizzou's move remains a foregone conclusion, but a highly-placed college athletics source spoke for many when he said, simply, "What's the hold-up?"

    Few know with precision, and they're not telling.

    But the crux is Mizzou wanting to leave for 2012 with no legal complications and minimal exit fees, and that cause may be helped by the conference indicating it plans to be without Missouri and interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas' spoken stance that it would be "viable" without Mizzou.

    Yet, the withdrawal perhaps is complicated by the Big East intending to jam West Virginia for 27 months after notice, per Big East bylaws.

    If West Virginia can't go in 2012, and it's now suing the Big East as part of the effort, the Big 12 would be left with nine schools if MU were gone.

    The Big 12 has said it needs 10 to supply inventory for its television contracts, thus leading to possible legal entanglements with MU that MU and the SEC likely would want unsnarled before proceeding.

    The hold-up might end as promptly as early next week. Or, of course, the devil in the details might muck it up longer.

    KC Star: If Missouri lands in SEC, it must become more NFL-like

    From a style standpoint, Missouri’s expected new world couldn’t be more different philosophically.

    Six of the nation’s top 11 offenses in average yards reside in the Big 12. The first SEC team, Alabama, is 23rd.

    Three of the top seven defenses belong in the SEC. The first Big 12 team, Texas, is 13th. The next is Oklahoma at 34th.

    Because the SEC has won five straight national championships, including two over Big 12 opponents, we know which approach ultimately prevails.

  • Fun...
    Rush the Court: Chuck Neinas, Big 12 Officials Offer Contradicting Statements

Other Mizzou Links

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