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Missouri to the SEC: Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood....

I've tried to avoid most of what had transpired regarding Expansionapalooza over the last few months. I was tired. My body was weary, and I was more than ready to simply focus on the games being played on the field.

After yesterday's disappointing loss to Baylor, I was looking up some game scores on ESPN when I saw a note that the announcement of Missouri to the SEC was going to come this week. Again, given the false reports and false starts over the last few months, I didn't give this more than a passing glance.

And then the document that I was waiting for crossed the wire today.

it's really happening.

Granted, the nitty gritty details and issues probably still need to be worked out (thanks, Big East!). But at some point soon, the move will take place.

The great question, with any transition, is: Now what?

Apparently, we're just supposed to sink to the bottom of the SEC.

Our facilities are not at SEC level.

Our budgets are not at SEC level.

Our recruiting is not at an SEC level.

In other words, we made a huge mistake and have no chance of competing. We may as well just forget the success we've been enjoying recently and just hope that we can win 6-7 games a year and make a bowl.

Oh, and don't forget that we actually were the tart that started all of these dominoes with our 18 year pining for the Big Ten.

At least, that is what some pundits and fans would like you to believe.

Yes, our budget probably has to get bigger. Our stadium is on the smaller side for an SEC venue. Our recruiting strategy will have to be adjusted somewhat. 

However, I think it would be foolish to say that those things were not considered during this decision making process. If this move was made without considering these items, then that is a capital offense against the long term success of this institution and the athletic department.

When it is all finalized and we are allowed to move, it will be exciting to say the least. Sad as well, as all moves are, because the inevitable hello means that a goodbye has to be said. And it will not be a kind goodbye, as we have already seen from some of our neighbors. It will be downright hostile, and maybe that is a karmic comeback for how we treated our departing conference members last year. A thick hide will be necessary to weather the storm on the road.

A new day is dawning, and our school will need all of the support it can get.