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Mizzou Links, 11-8-11

Sheldon Richardson and some guy from Texas converge on a tackle.
Sheldon Richardson and some guy from Texas converge on a tackle.

I'm still playing catch-up, evidently, so enjoy today's backlog of links.

Mizzou Football Links

A few different times in the first half of last Saturday's game in Waco, I found myself thinking, "Man, I'm starting to become really impressed with Braylon Webb." So naturally, he got hurt. And naturally, his replacement (Matt White) got burned on two long passes and a long run in the second half. And naturally, he'll now miss the Texas game.

(Also: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Sheldon was joking around a bit with the "I hate people from Texas" stuff since, you know, half the damn Mizzou team is from Texas.)

Mizzou Basketball Links

Central Missouri must be pretty decent because Missouri only beat them by 18, and I really didn't find too much to complain about. Mizzou shot over 50 percent and had five guys in double-figures; Kim Anderson's squad was probably allowed to grab a few too many rebounds, I guess, and Kadeem Green fouling out in 12 minutes was disturbing, but otherwise I think they earned what they got. Expect a post-exhibitions Study Hall post before Friday's season opener versus SEMO.


I was very surprised to see the South Carolina president come out and say that the SEC would move to a nine-game conference schedule when they expanded to 14 teams. Turns out, he was both premature and incorrect. Things could change, I guess, but Mike Slive now says they will stay at eight. Obviously that makes things at least a bit easier, though since Mizzou only had three non-conference opponents lined up for 2012 (Southern Illinois, Arizona State, at Miami-Ohio), expect Missouri to scrounge around for another cupcake.

Other Mizzou Links

Mizzou Volleyball is back to .500 in conference (they've won three matches in a row), and they're now 20-9 overall, so I'm feeling quite a bit better about their NCAA Tournament chances now. The home stretch is interesting, however -- they face two excellent opponents (Iowa State, Texas) at home and two incredibly beatable opponents (A&M and Tech, both of whom fell in four sets in Columbia) on the road. Really, anything between an 0-4 and 4-0 finish are possible, though 2-2 would be very, very beneficial to the postseason cause.

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In regard to the Penn State matter, I'll just consolidate what I said on Twitter last night: I have said very little about the Sandusky situation overall, and for two main reasons: 1) First of all, Spencer Hall and Matt Hinton said 90% of what I might have thought to say below, and 2) I hate seeming like i'm just jumping on the moralism bandwagon if I have nothing original to say. One thing, however: I root for, enjoy and write about a sport that often employs cheaters and creates easy-to-skirt regulations. All I ask is that the people who oversee the athletic departments -- the athletic directors, the university higher-ups, etc. -- actually oversee them. Don't cover up for them. Make sure that if they are skirting your university's values and calling, they do not get away with it. Because they won't always get away with it, and it will fall on you. I wouldn't think this is too much to ask, but evidently it is for some.

Also: I ask that the people who claim to be religious and of high moral fiber ... act on said moral fiber, even if it puts you in a difficult situation. And while I understand the power (and draw) of a good-ole boy network in life (I've certainly benefited from having a little network of friends/connections at times), if someone in your good-ole boy network is a goddamn pedophile, then good-ole boy rules no longer apply.

This is, for now, mostly directed at the Penn State athletic director and the other higher-ups currently looking at the blade of an ax. I have not yet figured out what I think about Joe Paterno himself. I have heard that he is quite hands-off in general when it comes to making friends with staff members, and there is a chance that he truly didn't know much in regard to this. What he was told and when are still a bit unclear to me. But the odds are good that he knew enough to act and didn't, and ... that makes me both sad and angry. We'll see how this unfolds.

One thing I know for certain, however: I could care less what recruits think about this right now. My goodness. I know we all want this saga to be through, and when it is through, then recruiting fallout will matter. But it doesn't right now, not even a little bit.

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