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Mizzou Links, 11-9-11

Mizzou Football Links

  • Texas
    KC Star: Battered at Baylor, Missouri QB James Franklin ready to take on Texas

    Of course, if Franklin were not 100 percent, he wouldn’t tell anyone. Which probably only increases the concern of coach Gary Pinkel, who has watched Franklin more and more in recent games challenge defenders at the end of runs rather than avoid big hits.

    "My main concern is that when he’s running the football that he is smart about running it," Pinkel said.

    "One time (at Baylor) he took a safety on, and it was upper body against upper body. We don’t want him to do that. We want him to go down.

    "If it’s third and 1 or fourth and 1 or it’s on the goal line, I understand that. He’s a competitor. But other than that, he’s got to learn to protect himself."

    Because without Franklin at quarterback, Missouri — at 4-5 with three games left in the regular season — seems unlikely to win the requisite two of its last three games to reach the minimum qualification record for the Tigers’ seventh straight bowl game.

    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Pinkel on Texas
  • Kansas Mizzou-Kansas Kickoff Time Changed
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Big 12 moves Border Showdown time slot
  • Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Following the future
  • The Missourian: Missouri's offense passing through a new phase

    Last year Gabbert leaned on Moe and Egnew to be the workhorses. They caught 182 of the team's 312 total receptions in 2010.

    Many expected that to be the case this season, but it hasn't been. Both are far below their pace from last season while young players like Marcus Lucas and L'Damian Washington have seen more passes come their way.

    Yost said, though, that Moe and Egnew have been handling the transition well, and there are no hard feelings.

    "T.J. and Michael have been great about it," Yost said. "For guys that have caught as many balls as they did last year, would they like the ball every time? Yes. But they don't ever walk into (receivers) coach Hill's office or my office or coach Pinkel's office and say, 'Hey, throw me the ball more.' It's, 'Whatever I can do to help the team.'"

    What it comes down to, more than anything, as Pinkel, Yost and others said multiple times on Monday, is that Franklin is forced to make the best of the situation on each play.

    "Bottom line is that it's a little bit of just what the defense has given us," Yost said.

  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers


  • ALL ACCESS: Follow the SEC contingent behind the scenes
  • The Trib: Now that SEC move's official, time to make it rain
  • The Trib: Following Pinkel's lead, Tigers mum on SEC
  • Mr. SEC: Arkansas AD Long Wants Missouri in the West Mr. SEC: Fallout from Missouri's Move Continues
  • Scheduling
    The Missourian: Missouri football team will play eight-game SEC schedule
    Mr. SEC: SEC: Not a 9-Game Schedule Now

    The SEC’s presidents discussed scheduling on some level when they decided to vote in Missouri.  To suggest they never considered scheduling or the impact it would have on their universities’ bottom lines is ridiculous.

    Pastides opened his mouth on what most see as the obvious long-term fix.  (We broke it down way back in October and explained why a nine-game schedule would be the best option.)

    But coaches and ADs are against the move.  They believe a nine-game schedule will be too difficult and could cost their schools home dates each year.

    For that reason, Mike Slive is likely doing what he always does before a key vote… he’s politicking.  When Slive brought up the oversigning issue heading into this past spring’s SEC meetings, most assumed the league’s presidents would defer to their coaches and vote to do nothing.  We suggested that Slive wouldn’t bring the issue to a vote if he didn’t know beforehand that he had the votes needed to make changes.  And he did.  And the coaches were ignored.  And a soft 25-man signing cap was put in place.

  • Baseball SEC Baseball Meetings

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Other Mizzou Links


You can probably tell what kind of week it's been by what fills in the "Other" portion of the links. If it's some random recipes, it's probably a pretty good week. If it's the death of a boxing great and the fall of one of college football's most celebrated coaches ... yeah, this week has sucked.

  • Paterno
    SB Nation: VIDEO: Penn State Scandal Gets Matt Millen Emotional On ESPN
    Dr. Saturday: Paterno embraces rallying students as the walls close in at Penn State
    Grantland: Michael Weinreb on Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and dealing with the controversy at Penn State
  • Frazier
    Bad Left Hook: Joe Frazier Tribute: Highlights From the Career of One of Boxing's Great Champions
    Bad Left Hook: Joe Frazier Tribute: George Foreman Admits Fear in 1990 Johnny Carson Interview
    Bad Left Hook: Joe Frazier Tribute: Smokin' Joe Talks About First Foreman Fight on Dick Cavett Show
    Bad Left Hook: Joe Frazier Tribute: Philly Champ's New York Legacy Is Secure
    Grantland: Bill Simmons breaks down the epic book Ghosts of Manila, on a legendary battle between boxers