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Rock M Roundtable

1 - Well, it's officially official. Mizzou is not long for the Big 12. Never mind why or how it happened; it happened. What single game (home/road and opponent) do you want to see on Missouri's schedule next year, and when do you want it played (September/October/November)?

2 - Knowing what you know about Missouri's general tendencies and the SEC's general strengths and weaknesses, what is the one area that concerns you the most about Mizzou Football competing in the SEC? (Doug: if you could care less about this question, just go ahead and tell us who Kansas' coach is going to be next year instead.)

3 - A two-parter! Tell me why Missouri is going to beat Texas this weekend. Now tell me why Missouri is going to lose to Texas this weekend.

4 - Joe Frazier passed away this week. (God, it's been an awful week in just about every imaginable way.) Who was your favorite boxer growing up?

The Beef: 1 - From my own morbid curiosity, I am excited to have 1-2 conference games in the month of September, only because I continue to see people on other sites rolling out their guesses for next season, and none of them have grasped the notion that the SEC schedules conference games all year-round.  The idea that Mizzou could open with Georgia is going to be very foreign to some folks J  Beyond that, I just want to see the schedule.  That is really the next most exciting step of this process.

2 - I am not going to sit here and say our offense will be something like the SEC has never seen, since Auburn ran the spread last year with moderate success J.  Our front 7 is really going to need to step up though next season since I do perceive the SEC to be far less of a wide-open league than the B12 (understatement I realize).

3 - Because we will score more points?  Because they will score more points?

4 - I am a product of the Tyson era.  I remember being at houses who had parties when he fought, and the buzz was astounding.  These were people who I perceived had no earthly idea about anything boxing-related just stopping everything they were doing to see him kill someone.  His combination of speed and power is still like nothing I have seen.

Doug: 1 - We know that Missouri has been able to hang with and even beat Oklahoma and Texas. I want to see Missouri face the top of the SEC, either LSU or Alabama, so we would get a really early measuring stick of where the Tigers rank against the... Tigers or the Tide.

2 - Unless something miraculous happens these next three weeks, and in my mind that means going at least 2 and 1, then it sure as hell won't be Turner Gill. KU suffered it's last nice-guy coach far too long, and I think there are some big-time donors that will remind the AD they don't want another Terry Allen situation. However, I can't think of who is the best potential replacement for KU. I know some fans want Leach, but his name will come up for all the openings, and I'm pretty sure Ole Miss will be ready to write a big-ass check. The other potential candidate is Houston's head coach, who's name escapes me at the moment, and I don't fee like looking it up.

3 - The reason Missouri will win... it's at home, and Texas has been uneven this year to put it mildly. The reason Missouri will lose... Texas has a better defense than Baylor.

4 - I didn't really follow boxing all that much, even back then the brutality of the sport didn't appeal to me. But, I guess there was a certain amount of civic pride everyone in Kansas City took in Tommy Morrison since he was the "home-town" boxer.

Michael Atchison: 1. Kentucky. They start with a K and we share a teeny tiny border, so if you squint hard enough ...

2. I’m not really concerned about Mizzou football competing in the SEC. I’m not sure that the SEC East is a tougher hill to climb than the current Big 12 (and the Tigers aren’t competing all that well there at the moment). My biggest concern is probably recruiting. Does the program continue to recruit Texas effectively now that the Tigers rarely play there? And if not Texas, where does the program get players?

3. 1) Because RG3 isn’t the Longhorns’ QB. 2) Because Texas will shut down Josey and make Franklin throw.

4. I wasn’t a big Ali fan as a kid because he seemed obnoxious to me, so I adopted Ken Norton (who broke Ali’s jaw), but Larry Holmes effectively ended Norton’s career in Norton’s first title defense (I don’t think Norton ever won a title fight; my recollection is that he was awarded the title when it was stripped from Leon Spinks). Still, I remember the 1976 Olympics where Sugar Ray Leonard became a star. I don’t know if Leonard was my favorite, but those fights with Hearnes and Duran were giant spectacles. Sadly, that was also the beginning of the era in which every big fight went to closed-circuit TV (the godfather of pay-per-view; you actually had to go somewhere to see the fight, like a movie theater). Ali used to fight live on network TV when I was a kid. Seems impossible today.

The Beef: Kevin Sumlin I believe is the coach at Houston (and who I really thought kU should have gone after the last time since kU recruits Texas already and he would obviously bring strong ties to the area.

Doug: Yep, that's him. I think Sumlin would have been worth the $2 million a year contract; I still wonder at what the hell Perkins was doing offering that much to Gill.

The Beef: I would agree he would have been worth far more than Gill (all more than likely).  He would have brought a stronger track record of success and natural recruiting ties he could have maintained (to some extent).

Doug is there any concern about the finances in the kU AD at this point?  Getting rid of Gill will certainly not be cheap, nor will be bringing in a decent coach to try to turn around your ship.  Is there confidence they have enough donors/cash on hand to get both of these moves done this Nov/Dec?

Doug: Well, the good news is, KU should be getting a decent share of cash from the conference buy-outs from you guys and the Aggies. I don't know if that'll cover the full $6 million left after this season, but I imagine it'll ease the amount KU will need to ask of it's donors. The better question is, building the nest egg to go out and hire the new coach, and I don't know how that will work. The reality is, having to boot Gill and bring in someone new, will really set back any improvements to Memorial (which desperately needs work). That is, unless someone in the new administration has been getting really cozy with to the Anschutz family.

The Beef: I thought UT and OU got all the exit penalties and left everyone else to fight over the scraps?


I keed…I keed

Doug: I thought that was just the exit penalties from Nebraska and Colorado... and I wish I were kidding.

The Beef: Oh we have shared some really good times in the past 18 months, have we not?

Michael Atchison: The big question here is whether Doug is going to agree to continue talking to us in the roundtable.

Doug: See, I figured you guys would leave me on the side of the Information Superhighway, what with all your new friends in the SEC.

Michael Atchison: We’re afraid of what that would do to Kansas City’s economy.

ZouDave: 1 – Auburn, in Columbia, in September.  I referenced this in comments of a post earlier this week, but my parents have friends from back in my dad’s Marine Corps days (so we’re talking more than 40 years now) that live in Alabama, are Auburn alums and season ticket holders and it would just be so damn awesome to get them to Missouri for a game (and then the return trip in 2013 would be also awesome).  I want them here first to give us our best chance of getting the win right out of the gate.

2 – We’re going to need to get stronger at DT.  The SEC seems to produce a lot of quality at DT.  I think we’re equipped as a program to compete in the SEC as well as we’ve been competing in the Big XII for the past 6+ years.  We may end up with one of the better offenses in the league with one of the weaker defenses.  While concerned isn’t the right word, I’m definitely curious to see how our recruiting changes in regards to strategy, results and reputation.

3 – BECAUSE IT’S OUR TIME, DAMMIT!  And we’ll lose because, well, we’re Mizzou…and that’s what we do.

4 -

I was never much of a boxing fan.  So, GO LITTLE MAC!

SleepyFloyd7: Morning, Fellers!

1 - Even though it appears Mizzou will be paired with Texas A&M as a cross-divisional opponent, I would think that the SEC would like to see us develop a nasty relationship with Arkansas (in football and hoops). I would not be surprised if the first SEC game would bring the Hogs to Columbia. Yes, please.

2 - Mizzou will need a nasty defense to compliment what we assume will be an above-average SEC offense. I thought this might be the year for that, but not so much. Tigers would benefit greatly from NFL ready DTs, DEs, LBs, Safties, Corners and Steckels. That might help.

And to answer Doug's question, KU's coach next year will be Bill Self. Duh.

3 - Texas will win because they get an early lead, and the running game keeps the ball away from Franklin's back-t-the-wall effective 2-minute offense. Mizzou will win because, as they say, Gabriel blows.

4 - The Champ

ZouDave: What are the chances Mizzou has to play in College Station for a 3rd straight year?

At this point, I actually WANT to.  I heard somewhere that we’re the first team in like 98 years to win in consecutive seasons at Kyle Field (other than aTm of course).  That stat is certainly misleading because of the rare frequency of a visiting team playing consecutive road games, but still it’s cool.  I have to then wonder has a visiting team ever won in THREE consecutive seasons in Kyle Field (or anywhere?)  I want a shot at it.  If we win at Kyle Field next year, we get to rename it.

The Beef: Beergut might have to go on full-time suicide watch if that happened

SleepyFloyd7: Why not just make that game in College Station EVERY year? That would satisfy Mizzou's need to play a game in the state of Texas every year (Even if it is in that butt-stank town).

ZouDave: Would we then get a conference game that’s always in Columbia?  Because honestly, I want to have the option of visiting these SEC towns…except for maybe Fayetteville.  But we won’t be playing them every year in football.  We’ll compromise and say that Arkansas ALWAYS has to play 2 road games every year at Mizzou in basketball.  Sell it to them with the idea that Mike Anderson has such a great record at Mizzou Arena that he should be ok with it.

ghtd36: G'morning, lads.

1- Florida, in Gainesville, in November. Because then it won't be cold.

2- The fact that while Missouri has had some talented players up front during their current boon (Aldon Smith, Ziggy Hood spring to mind), the defensive front has never been the strength for Missouri like it has for basically every other SEC team. If there's one area that recruiting and development must be improved, in my mind, it's the defensive line.

3- Missouri's going to beat Texas this week because the Longhorns haven't really proven they can win on the road (though their win at UCLA looks better and better) and if Mizzou takes a lead, Texas could really struggle as its offense is not built to play from behind (basically, OL that is poor at pass protecting + freshman QB = trouble). Texas is going to beat Missouri this week because the Longhorns' running game is humming right now, and the defense will be the best Mizzou has seen since Oklahoma.

4- I always really appreciated Lennox Lewis, which is weird, because his rise to the heavyweight championship coincided with boxing's demise in the United States. But Lewis had that rare blend of size, power and defensive ability that made him a lot of fun to watch.

Also -- auxiliary question to the Roundtable:

What is the single most absurd thing about the John Lynch-Haas avocados commercial?

The Beef: PUPPIES!!

ZouDave: The fact that there are commercials for avocados.

ghtd36: Underrated insane part of the commercial: Who puts avocados on hot dogs? Now, I'm not against the idea -- avocados are delicious, hot dogs are delicious, that's a good start -- but really...who does that?

ZouDave: I could make the argument that since steak is delicious, and hot fudge is delicious, that they should go together…but we all know they don’t.

It’s a hot dog.  It’s not supposed to be fancy.  Mustard, relish, maybe ketchup.  If you want to fancy it up, you should be eating a bratwurst in the first place.  And even then, avocado is not on my potential list of toppings.  Cherry peppers, on the other hand…

ghtd36: Mmmm....fudge steak...


ZouDave: Who wins in a fight between Crazy Eyes and Hungry Eyes?

The Beef: Actually…I am pretty sure Fudge Steak is the winner


D-Sing: 1. In division game I want to see: vs. South Carolina or at Georgia in October.
Cross-divisional: at LSU in September. Preferrably during the day.

2. As usual, I tend to be concerned with line play. With the transition to the SEC, I am most worried about the offensive line and in particular the OT.

3. Missouri will beat Texas because our front seven will shut down the run and force Ash to beat us.
Missouri loses to Texas if the Texas running game gets rolling downhill and we simply can't stop them.

4. Either Glass Joe or King Hippo, although Bald Bull was a strong contender as well.

Michael Atchison: I want to take everyone in the Hass Avocadoes commercials and everyone in the Miller-Lite-makes-you-manly commercials and put them at the same party and then lock all of the doors from the outside and then build another house on top of that house and then lock all of those doors from the outside.


Doug: Yeah, there's an internet meme I'd like to die real quick.

SleepyFloyd7: Coincidentally, FudgeSteak was Atchison's favorite Moby Grape record.

D-Sing: I guess I'm a bad tv watcher. I don't really notice the Hass Avocadoes commercials, but I guess its because I don't eat avocadoes so I don't care. Either that or I'm flipping channels to find a game during the commercial breaks.

Bill C.: You also evidently do not have a dog that barks at doorbells, whether they are on TV or actual doorbells.

D-Sing: No doorbell. No dog. :)

SleepyFloyd7: This is terrible - from the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong:

D-Sing: My caption contest entry from the other day? Yeah, just move it over here and edit it slightly.

ghtd36: It's weird, but isn't that the story of Joe Frazier's life? Unrecognized greatness?

Michael Atchison: That was the Strawberry Alarm Clock, not Moby Grape.

ghtd36: Fudgesteak would probably be dangerous with a dog around, considering the delicious steak and the dangerous chocolate.

The Beef: Just ring the doorbell to scare away Bill C’s dog…or cover the fudgesteak in Prozac.

(An hour later…)


(Thirty minutes later…)

ghtd36: Bil Keane, author of "Family Circus", is dead.

(Thirty minutes later…)

ghtd36: GUYS





Bill C.: Hey, you're the one who just saddened everybody with the Family Circus news.

ghtd36: our favorite bartender Tweeted me, he's followed that thick dotted line to the sky.

ZouDave: Am I the only one that got Modern Warfare 3 yesterday?  I’m probably the only one.

No, I did not wait in any lines at midnight on Monday to get the game early.  Not nearly a big enough dork to do that (anymore).  I played it for a couple of hours yesterday.  Fun game, if you like blowing stuff up.

Doug: I realize the point of that game is a the multi-player, but I can't justify spending $60 on something that has a really short single-player campaign.  I'm working on Batman Arkham City.  I got through the main-storyline, and now I'm working on the secondary stuff and Riddler challenges.

ZouDave: Yeah, I have that same thought (about the Call of Duty games and Battlefield games).  I got this COD on PC so it was cheaper, and most of my time with it will probably be spent playing the Co-Op mode with a friend instead of playing in the big online multiplayer games.

Fallout 3 was, for me, the ultimate game of just ridiculous open-world, never-ending gaming.  I’ve gone back and played that game probably six or seven times from the beginning, including starting a new time through just last week, and I’m still finding things I haven’t seen/done before.  That’s a great ROI in gaming.

(An hour later…)

Bill C.: Alright, your question for the afternoon, since it has an SEC tinge to it: BBQ beef or BBQ pork?

The Beef: The ribs that are brought to my tailgate at Homecoming

ghtd36: I second the Father of the Veal.

ZouDave: Having just returned from getting BBQ for lunch, the answer is beef.

Although if you go to Smokin’ Guns, you are really going to want to get their turkey.  Holy lord is it just fantastic.

Doug: Yeah, my general rule is, always try a BBQ restaurant's beef.  If that's anywhere near good, you can bet their pork is excellent.

SleepyFloyd7: In this particular food race (BBQ Beef/BBQ Pork), there is no clear winner. Brisket, Pork butt, ribs, turkey, salmon, bring it the hell on.

If there is a nasty line to be drawn, it would be in the purpose (and ingredients) of the sauce.

And THAT, my friends, is the 3rd rail of sports blogs.

Bill C.: Two sauces stand out for me:

Good meat a) doesn't need sauce and b) is transformed from great to other-worldly with good sauce.

ZouDave: Agree with both of your points about sauce.  I am totally fine with eating great BBQ without sauce, but great sauce just makes great BBQ better.


Very good (and non-traditional) Texas Sauce from the iconic meat-joint in the state.

Bill C.: Haven't had that one. What makes it non-traditional?

ZouDave: It’s technically an air, not a liquid.

The Beef: RPT’s mom (no jokes, that woman is a saint) provided some of this to me after I had to rescue her son from the STL airport after the tornado.  It is QUITE spectacular.

SleepyFloyd7: A little mustardy - not fully South Carolina mustardy, but it's an orangeish color instead of reddish.


SleepyFloyd7: It truly is an amazing place.

THIS is INSIDE the place right by the cash registers.

GREAT, now I drooled all over the computer.