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Mizzou Links, 12-15-11

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Interesting hire coming up for Gary Pinkel. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Interesting hire coming up for Gary Pinkel. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Consider this your daily reminder to submit your bowl picks...

Mizzou Football Links

My reaction to the news of Barry Odom leaving for the Memphis defensive coordinator position simultaneously went in two different directions: 1) No! Odom's great, and I was really looking forward to having him as part of the program for years to come. 2) Well, now is a pretty good time to be looking for a new assistant; Gary Pinkel can try to bring someone in with SEC ties of some sort. Obviously fans on other sites wanted to aim high with the pick -- bring in Jim Leavitt (as a college position coach, uh huh), etc. -- but chances are, the new guy will be someone we've never heard of, simply because "safeties coach and recruiting coordinator" is not amazingly high-profile, and we don't exactly have other staffs memorized. Still, it is a pivotal hire at this moment in time, and I'm curious which direction Pinkel chooses with it. Stay tuned, I guess.

  • Odom
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Odom changing Tiger stripes

    (Readers often ask me which of Gary Pinkel’s assistants is head-coaching material. I always point to Odom. The years he spent as a fundraiser and doing administrative work behind the scenes at Missouri gives him experience that goes well beyond the practice field. Don’t forget, he put together two solid years as the head coach at Rock Bridge High School before joining the administration at Missouri.)

    Pinkel’s staff is losing one of its best recruiters, especially in parts of Texas the Tigers plan to continue recruiting after moving to the SEC. Since becoming a full-time assistant, Odom has landed Cortland Browning, Brandon Durant, Michael Boddie, Kenronte Walker, Webb, Greg White, L’Damian Washington and Justin Britt among others.

    Odom’s departure means Pinkel will be on the lookout for a new assistant, and with MU facing such a pivotal year in recruiting, I’m not sure he can afford to wait for the AFCA convention in January to start shopping for candidates. More important than a flashy name might be someone with established recruiting ties to SEC hotbeds.

    The Missourian: Football assistant coach Barry Odom leaving for Memphis
    KC Star: Missouri safeties coach Odom heads for Memphis
    PowerMizzou: The Odom effect

    [Waco DB Will] Hines said Odom was the biggest reason he committed early to the Tigers, before he ever visited the campus. During their conversation on Wednesday night, Odom explained his reasoning for taking the new job, and spent more time delivering one message to Hines.

    "He said, basically, that he thinks I belong at Missouri, no matter what," Hines said. "He's been wanting a head coaching job, so a defensive coordinator job is the right step and that's why he took it. I understand why he did it."

    Now, Missouri defensive coordinator Dave Steckel and cornerbacks coach Cornell Ford are Hines' Missouri recruiters. On Monday night, Odom, Ford and Gary Pinkel traveled to Waco for an in-home visit with Hines. At that time, the three-star defender said he didn't know Odom was a day away from a big career opportunity.

    "It was surprising," Hines said.

  • Freshmen
    PowerMizzou: Redshirt Report: Wesley Leftwich
  • Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Tiger Mailbag
    Daily Oklahoman: Sooners after best receivers in the country

Other Football Links

I know Missouri fans are still annoyed with how Mike Anderson left town -- "I want to retire here" one day, gone the next -- but at least he returned to town to tell his players. New Arizona State coach Todd Graham didn't even do that.

  • Mike Anderson > Todd Graham
    SB Nation: Arizona State Hires Todd Graham, Who Leaves Pitt After 311 Days On Job
    SB Nation: Todd Graham Told Pitt Players Of Arizona State Hire Via Forwarded Text Message
    SB Nation: Devin Street Goes On Impressive, Lengthy Twitter Rant About Todd Graham
    Pitt Script: Dad always said...
  • Football Porn
    Smart Football: Mike Leach: Pistol offense maven?
    Coug Center: Mike Leach Talks Craig James' Senat Bid, Reminds Us Why He's Awesome

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Tonight No. 8 Mizzou Hosts Kennesaw State Thursday
  • Freebies
    KC Star: Tigers have been sharp from free-throw line

    Haith was impressed by the caliber of the Tigers’ shooters when he took over this offseason. He saw the potential during practice, but he has been coaching long enough to know that you won’t really see what you truly have in any area until game time.

    "Guys could have a great release, great form and all that," Haith said. "But when you get out there on the line, and there are people in the stands, that’s when you know."

    Once again, MU’s two Kansas City sharpshooters — senior guard Marcus Denmon and junior guard Michael Dixon — are leading the charge in that area. Dixon is shooting free throws at a 94.3-percent clip (33 of 35), while Denmon has made 91.7 percent (33 of 36).

    "When you think about it," Dixon said, "free throws are wide-open shots."

Other Basketball Links

    Ken Pomeroy: A graph of substitution patterns


The Trib interview below really doesn't shed light on much new information, but it does pull everything together nicely. It's worth one of your free clicks, in other words.

  • The Trib: Deaton, Alden discuss MU's move to the SEC

    Q: You alluded to talking to [Florida] President [Bernie] Machen as far back as a year ago. Was there any sort of discussion or engagement on any level with the SEC as far back as when the Big 12 was already in so much chaos a year back?

    Deaton: With many of the BCS conferences, we talk with colleagues. I’m virtually certain colleagues in the SEC said, “One of these days, we’d love to have Missouri in the SEC.” That’s been said to me by many of the leaders in the SEC over the past several years especially, because everyone is always looking down the road. I’ve heard the comment, “Oh, Missouri really ought to be part of the Southeastern Conference.” It’s the kind of comment you would hear, and only in that sense.

    Q: In the process of vetting or doing due diligence, you said you were in contact with other conferences, was a specific call ever made to the Big Ten saying, “Do you think about Missouri?”

    Deaton: Early on, even earlier in the summer, in AAU meetings, places like that, it was clear that the Big Ten was not expanding. They were not in expansion mode. I had at least one or more of the presidents there tell me, “Oh, we just had a meeting with the whole Big Ten and it’s not something that’s on our radar screen.” That was early information actually. We knew they weren’t in expansion mode, but we knew several other conferences were potentially. The SEC, in fact, was clear they were content with 13 teams. They were not in expansion mode either. But I think when they continued to look and we made the inquiry, then they said, “Well, we could go ahead at this stage.” But it had not been planned.

  • Mizzou Network: VIDEO: Dr. Deaton Talks SEC Transition
  • Post-Dispatch: MU vows to leave Big 12 next year
  • SEC Dixie-nary: P is for Polk

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Lisa Henning Named Third Team All-American by AVCA