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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Day 1 is in the Books

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Welcome to your first edition of the Rock 'Em Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Updates! I will do my best to update the contest after each day's worth of Bowl Games moving forward. All told, we ended up with 163 entries, which is a new record (my apologies to those who entered after kickoff yesterday. Unfortunately, your submissions were not captured as part of this.)

So going forward, I will provide the link to the spreadsheet with the full standings, which will be ordered from top to bottom. I will also list out here who the leaders are, as well as race for the bottom of the barrel. I will also do my best to include the overall competition winning percentage, as this is the Race for Mediocrity. If you have any questions, do feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

So with that all said, let's hit the jump and see what shook out last night!

The game-winning, time-expiring 50 yard FG last night by UL-L doomed any hopes of a perfect bowl season, as it moved the combined score from the under to the over, costing bkranz33 his perfect season. He is joined by 4 others at 5-1. Those are MacTiger, Mrs. Bill C, Bleacher Report (Whenever I can find publications who predict the bowl games with scores, I plug them into the contest) and Coin Flip. Yes, I flipped a coin 70 times and so far the coin is 5-1. We also have four folks who are rocking the 0-6, but we will not call them out quite yet :-)

Overall, not the best start to the contest,, as the Wyoming pick really hurt us getting out of the gate. We currently feature a 418-560 record, good enough for 42.74%, and this info can be found at the very bottom of the data sheet, which is available at this link.

The schedule kind of sputters along this week, with our next game being Tuesday night in the bowl game which was NOT named after me (but might end up being that way pending my current litigation in the matter).