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Mizzou Links, 12-19-11

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So Mizzou named their new president last week, in case you missed it. Apparently he led Rock Bridge to a state football title and played with Tim Jamieson? Fun.

Mizzou Football Links

So it appears Gary Pinkel isn't going with "someone with SEC ties of some sort" with the now-vacant safeties coach position -- he instead went with the guy he felt was the best coach. That said coach not only has no Southern ties, but is related to Pinkel as well, has caused certain portions of the Internet to completely (and predictably) melt down, of course. I wasn't knocked out by the hire by any means (and I really did expect him to look to the southeast with the pick), but it is obviously just a hair early to worry about it or judge the hire. First of all, we're talking about a safeties coach, not a defensive coordinator. Second ... freaking out about a hire when you know next to nothing about the guy hired seems kind of like a waste of energy to me.

Or to put it another way...


Whatever you say, Internet.

Also: one has to enjoy the PowerMizzou interview of Ernest Payton below. First of all, I didn't realize he was playing cornerback. Mizzou hasn't had a CB that big since Darnell Terrell. Second, this kid has fun quotes.

  • Congrats, Seniors Football Celebrates December Graduates
  • Coach Grinch
    The Trib: Staff turnover has been rare for Missouri football
    The Trib: PInkel to hire nephew as new safeties coach
    The Trib (Dave Matter): More on Pinkel's next assistant & Saturday practice update

    Grinch isn’t the splashy hire that Josh Henson was three years ago, but his Texas recruiting has produced more than a dozen players for Wyoming, and the Cowboys’ pass defense has improved every season under his watch. He’s also well regarded around both Missouri and Wyoming’s programs and should fit in seamlessly under defensive coordinator Dave Steckel. Some might have expected a coach with ties to the Southeastern Conference, but Henson was the rare established SEC assistant looking to leave a good job when he left LSU for Missouri. Also, Grinch has a more thorough coaching résumé than Barry Odom had when Pinkel promoted him to coach safeties in 2009. Odom had never been a full-time college coach when he became an assistant under Pinkel; Grinch has seven years experience as a full-time assistant.

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Odom: It's very difficult to leave
    KC Star: Pinkel reportedly hires nephew to be MU's safeties coach
  • Practice Reports
    The Missourian: Missouri returns to practice

    That dominating sound is reserve defensive end Michael Sam's laughter.

    As the Missouri defensive line runs through the same figure-eight drill it's been doing since August, Sam is practically cackling. Sheldon Richardson is whooping loudly. Jacquies Smith takes his helmet off to make a comment to Dominique Hamilton.

    Later, Richardson says to reporters while playing catch, "Y'all should write a story about how I need to go back to tight end."

    Even though practice doesn't look like fun, the joy is evident on the players' faces. With the stress of finals week in the rearview mirror, the team is thrilled to trade textbooks for playbooks and study hall for film study.

    The Missourian: Missouri defense prepares in earnest for North Carolina
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Bowl Practice
  • QB No. 1
    Fox Sports MW: James Franklin still growing as Tigers' signal caller
  • CB No. 31
    Post-Dispatch: MU cornerback E.J. Gaines makes strides
  • Elvis
    The Trib: All now bright for Elvis Fisher after devastating injury
  • Josey
    Dr. Saturday: Superlatives: The most overachieving players of 2011

    RB Henry Josey, Missouri.
    It took Josey about three weeks to make the leap from anonymous third-stringer to best tailback in the Big 12, and he spent the next two months solidifying the title: In the Tigers' first six conference games, he went for 145 yards against Oklahoma, 205 against Iowa State, 176 against Oklahoma State, 205 against Texas A&M and 143 against Baylor, on at least six yards per carry in every game. Josey was easily on pace to lead the league in rushing when he went down with a season-ending knee injury against Texas, and still came in for first-team All-Big 12 honors despite missing most of that game and all of Mizzou's last two.

  • Freshmen
    PowerMizzou: Redshirt report: Shane Ray
    PowerMizzou: Redshirt report: Cortland Browning
    PowerMizzou: Redshirt report: Clarence Green
    PowerMizzou: Redshirt report: Ernest Payton You stand out on the field because you're a big cornerback. Was there any conversation about moving you to safety?

    EP: Naw, I can still move like a feather. I'm still good. I still got a little moves in me.

    (Elvis Fisher walks over, holding out his cell phone like a tape recorder:

    Elvis Fisher: What did you think of practice today?

    EP: Oh, practice was real good. Practice went well. [...]

    Elvis Fisher: What do you think you've gotten better at this year?

    EP: My pressing game. My pressing game has gotten ridiculous, and just catching the ball, that's getting better. I fly like a butterfly when I'm catching the ball, but I come down like a bull.

  • Recruiting AMP: Ryan Jackson NIKE clips
  • NFL Kellen Clemens' Touchdown Pass to Danario Alexander Rout in Atlanta underscores the woes of Jaguars rookie QB Blaine Gabbert
    CBS Sports: Dunta Robinson on Jaguars WRs: '[bleep]ing jokes'
    AP (via Post-Dispatch): Blaine Gabbert hears, handles, criticism

Mizzou Basketball Links

I cannot tell you how much it made me smile to see Andrew Jones pump his fist after each of his made free throws.

Other Mizzou Links

I realize Iowa State isn't any good anymore, but ... Mizzou Wrestling is looking really, really good right now.

  • Mizzou Wrestling No. 12 Tigers Blast Cyclones, 31-10


A runaway golf cart just ran over a number of people at midfield. Oh my. #txhsfb
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