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Mizzou Links, 12-2-11

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Mizzou Basketball Links

I really do hope it works out for Andrew Jones.

Mizzou Football Links

So ... I don't really have any problems with this week's Defensive Play of the Week selection below; it was a nice catch and a nice way to officially shut down perhaps Kansas' most dangerous drive of the night. But ... it was fourth down. That Kenji Jackson actually caught this pass instead of knocking it down cost Mizzou 36 yards of field position.

Or to put it another way, I disagree with this week's DPOW selection.

Other Football Links

I'm curious whether Charlie Strong listens to overtures from Texas A&M if they come his way (instead of Kevin Sumlin). Strong made a big point about being loyal to Louisville last year, since they were the ones to finally take a chance on him after he inexplicably went without head coaching offers for quite a long time. Now, Strong's stock is even higher; does he bolt to College Station if they offer him enough? Granted, this is all hypothetical, since apparently A&M is leaning toward Sumlin, but still.

  • Not Entirely Surprising
    SB Nation: Mike Sherman Fired As Texas A&M Head Coach; Kevin Sumlin On List Of Candidates
    Austin American-Statesman: Aggies fire coach Mike Sherman; Houston's Sumlin, Louisville's Strong possible candidates
  • A Few More Leach Links Because I Cannot Help Myself
    Smart Football: Mike Leach is the new coach at Washington State: Rejoice and be glad
    NY Times: Inside the Mind of Mike Leach
  • And A Manny Diaz Link Too
    Burnt Orange Nation: Manny Diaz More Than Just A Blitz-Happy Fool


Other Mizzou Links

Hooray, Mizzou Network!

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    : Volleyball to Air Free on Mizzou Network
    The Missourian: Close family bolsters MU volleyball's Brittney Brimmage
  • Mizzou Wrestling Tigers Set for Kaufman-Brand Open
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Tiger Women Dominate in Day 1 of Mizzou Invite Tiger Men Finish Day One of Mizzou Invite
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Missourian: Freshmen on Missouri women's basketball team adjust to roles as college athletes