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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Day 2 - We are Going in the Wrong Direction

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Without a ton of time the next few mornings, we are going to get right to the action. FIU was a popular pick last night, as was the over, which meants our Search for Mediocrity took another step back, and our winning percentage to start the year is barely above 41 percent. We REALLY need TCU and the over tonight to get back in the game.

We have a small bit of separation at the top, as MacTiger has raced out to a 7-1 record, one game ahead of a pack at 6-2. We still have two folks rocking the 0-8, but I wont call them out until they reach 0-10 (in the hopes they don't).

As always, your picks and all the contest info can be found at the very bottom of the data sheet, which is available at this link.

Good luck tonight!