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Mizzou Links, 12-22-11. Happy Braggin' Rights Day!

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Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Braggin' Rights Braggin' Rights Up for Grabs Thursday
    The Missourian: Missouri prepares to grind it out against Illinois
    KC Star: Missouri's Haith eager for first Braggin' Rights game
    PowerMizzou: High stakes Braggin' Rights
    Chicago Tribune: Missouri strong test for Illinois
    The Trib: Tigers hope to attract St. Louis' top talent

    Missouri over the past 25 years has had success convincing standouts from the latter to spend their college careers in Columbia. Kansas City natives Marcus Denmon, Mike Dixon and Steve Moore have all played integral roles during the Tigers’ 11-0 start this season. Leo Lyons, from just across the state line in Kansas City, Kan., was a major factor in MU’s Elite Eight run in 2009. Before that, the Tigers got great contributions from players such as Anthony Peeler, Jevon Crudup and Kareem Rush from the west side of the state.

    But the path from St. Louis to Columbia isn’t quite as well-worn, and the ones who have taken it — Jimmy McKinney, Kalen Grimes and Matt Lawrence in the last 10 years — are outnumbered by the ones that got away.

    Last season alone, St. Louis-area prep standouts Bradley Beal, B.J. Young and Ben McLemore — all considered top-50 national recruits — signed with other schools, with Beal landing at Florida, Young at Arkansas and McLemore at Kansas, where he is ineligible this season.

    All made their decisions before Haith was hired, but he’s trying to avoid that happening again in the future.

  • Fhaith
    Fox Sports MW: Tigers unbeaten, No. 9 with Frank Haith
    : Tiger Mailbag

    minxcat asks: How much credit do you give Coach Haith for the season this team is having? Do you think that Coach Anderson would have had the same or similar results?

    The answers are really independent of each other. There is NO DOUBT that Frank Haith deserves an immense amount of credit. He has a team that collapsed down the stretch last season that lost its second-best player and is now unbeaten and in the top ten, leading the country in scoring margin. It's the same kids as last year, minus Bowers, Kreklow and Safford. Sure, the kids have gotten better, but Haith deserves a lot of credit for that.

    As far as Anderson, who knows what would have happened if he was still here? Nobody. There's no way to answer it. It's popular to heap on the guy and discredit everything he did and thank him for leaving so Missouri could get Frank Haith right now. Well, sorry, but you can't do that. He recruited every player on this team right now. He did a lot of good things for Missouri basketball. Hate him for how he left, but that doesn't change the fact that his five years here had far more ups than downs.

  • Jabari Brown
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): Transfer Brown helps balance classes
  • Did You Know Their Dad Roomed With Mike Anderson?
    Post-Dispatch: Presseys adjust to new system at Mizzou

    Phil Pressey said his parents had urged them just to concentrate on school as the coaching job was being filled. When Haith was hired, he said he spoke to him immediately and felt they "kind of clicked from the start."

    Asked if he had considered joining Anderson, Matt Pressey said, "No, no, no, no." [...]

    While the Presseys appear to have prospered by staying and playing in a more structured system, each seems sensitive to even mild suggestions that Haith could be coaching them better than Anderson did.

    Asked about their improvement this season they spoke with caution, careful to use words that avoided implying one coach or one system was better than another.

    "It's another year we're all together" as players, Phil Pressey said.

    Asked about his brother's apparent advancement, Matt Pressey said, "I feel like it's the chemistry. ... This year, he pretty much knows what person can do what."

  • Tickets Mizzou Announces Big 12 Tip-Off Special

Mizzou Football Links

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