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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Day 3 - 37%

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37%....well, 37.18% to be exact.

TCU did not cover, and the game came up a half a point short of the over/under. The contest is already over 400 games under .500 for this year alone. And all-time (with those numbers now added to the bottom of the data sheet), we are over 600 games under .500. Good thing none of us do this for a living.

How bad is it? The leader right now, all by themselves at 8-2 is....THE COIN FLIP! And we still have two people rocking the winless thing. So checking in at 0-10 are Mythryl and mizzougrad75. We are all pulling for you.

As always, and if you can stand the pain, your picks and all the contest info can be found at the very bottom of the data sheet, which is available at this link.

Boise State is the overwhelming pick tonight, with the Over/Under being relatively split. C'mon Broncos!