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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: .500 is SOOOOOOO Close

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And now the real fun begins!

15 games between now and Sunday (where there will be none due to the final day of the NFL season). I imagine the leaderboard may look a lot different between now and then. However, the wild ride of The Coin Phlip continues, as it once again swept the picks and now sits at a pretty staggering 14-2. Only two folks are within 2 picks of the top right now, as MacTiger and mizzoufan1 are hanging in at 12-4. There are another six folks within shouting distance back at 11-5.

As for the bottom of the barrel, the records are improving a bit, as we now have a 4-way tie at 4-12. Mythryl, blackgoldorange, Mikschoone28 and Pat Forde (no, the real Pat Forde did not submit his picks, but made them in his annual article, so he is participating once again) all hold the low record currently, with another 8 folks behind them at 5-11.

On the whole, the Mizzou cover really moved the needle, as we are now just 28 games under .500 overall, with a winning percentage now at 49.46%. The all-time record is within 200 games of .500 (as we quickly approach 20,000 total selections made) at a 49.5% winning clip.

Today's majority picks appear to be Purdue (though Western Michigan was popular amongst our leaders) and the Under, as well as Louisville and the Over against NC St. Neither one of these matchups gives us a HUGE majority like Mizzou did, and Baylor (against Washington) appears to be the next needle mover.

As always, and as the pain starts to subside a bit, you can access your picks and all the totals (located at the bottom of the page) by clicking on this link.

Enjoy the enjoyment!