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Requiem For De'Vion Moore's Crazy Eyes

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De'Vion Moore represented Missouri with class and integrity through his four seasons in a Missouri uniform. He has been everywhere a running back can be on a depth chart -- No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, rising quickly, trickling down, etc. -- and for his career he has 242 carries, 1,216 yards and ten touchdowns to show for it. He also played an enormous role in one of Missouri's best wins, the Homecoming triumph over Oklahoma in 2010, when he rushed for 73 yards on just 10 carries and ripped off a series of brutal runs in the fourth quarter. His 39-yarder, in which he dragged a series of Sooners for 20 yards, is one of Mizzou's best ever plays. (In fact, I just got chills writing about it.)

Moore made his mark in a Tiger uniform, and he should be commended for that. He also provided what was one of my most secretly enjoyable series of moments as a Rock M writer. After each home game (and some road games/bowls), Bill Carter would tell me that pics were ready for review, and if Moore had gotten some carries in said game, I knew there was a chance that another CRAZY INTENSE EYES picture was waiting to stare at me. Consider this your De'Vion Moore Intense Eyes Compendium. And I apologize if you have trouble sleeping tonight.