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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Today Could be the Day

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Just too many points.

Though the finish of the Toledo/Air Force was heartbreaking (if you are an Air Force fan), Air Force scoring the TD had already given them the cover. Of course, with all the TD's scored in the first half, the Over was darn near covered at the half. Had these teams kept it in check, we'd be over .500, but alas it was not to be. The Under in the UT/Cal game helped, but we still took a step back to 49.28% The question is, who did it help the most?

Well, the Coin Phlip has not been really on fire of late, but continues to hold its two game lead at the top, now rocking the 18-6 record. smbz5b kept pace, and is now joined at 16-8 by mizzou2396 and mac6uffin (who went 4-0 yesterday to make the jump). A HUGE group at 15-9 is just off the pace, but with all the games coming up, certainly within striking distance.

Our previous cellar-dwellers got hot, and a few new names now grace the bottom, as both wooderson and HHKB Chris currently sit at 7-17. At least Pat Forde was able to go nuts and sneak out of the basement while no one was looking.

As for today/tonight, two more games. The ND/FSU matchup seems to be pretty split on winner, with the slight edge to Florida State, but the Over/Under is really tilted. I am guessing not everyone read the post where it said the line of "3" was not actually correct :-) As for the nightcap, a Baylor cover would be enormous, while the Under seems to be the favorite on the other side. ND/FSU going over and Baylor covering should most certainly move us over .500 on the contest and may actually get us to .500 after 21,000 picks all-time. The pressure is ON!

As always, you can access your picks and all the totals (located at the bottom of the page) by clicking on this link.

Keep hoping for points in the ND/FSU game!