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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Contest: From "Ugh" to "Oh My"

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If only we could move points scored from one game to another

Baylor and UW broke just about every record last night, and when Terrance Ganaway scored with still HALF OF THE THIRD QUARTER REMAINING to make it 42-39 UW, the Over/Under of 78 was blown away. The teams would go on to combine for 123 points, making an Over/Under of 100 a sucker bet. I simply cannot wait to see the BTBS from this game over on Football Study Hall later on. I will even steal a little of his thunder by telling you Ganaway, Jarred Salubi and Tevin Reese combined for the following line:

28 carries for 402 yards (14.4 yards per carry) and 7 TD's. Reese had 2 carries for 101 yards and somehow did not score, but Salubi had 2 TD's and Ganaway had 5. Just sick.

However, for as great as the offenses were in the second game, that is as bad as they were in the first, especially the first half. Just miserable football. Alas, we did not reach the 48 points I was hoping for. In the end though, we did move the needle to the positive, now sitting just 22 picks under .500 at 49.76%. All-time, we are within 200 picks of .500, so we keep getting closer.

Speaking of closer, someone is finally gaining some ground on the Coin Phlip,. which is still in the lead with a 20-8 record. Now just one pick back, mizzou2396 is sitting at 19-9, and is trailed by a group of 4 at 18-10. There is a HUGE pack at 17-11, and they are certainly not out of it, especially with 9 games (18 picks) in the next two days.

As for the bottom of the barrel, we have a three-way tie at 9-19, as wooderson has been joined by Mikschoone28 and Bingo12, who gets special recognition for going 0-4 last night. Well played!

At a very quick glance, it appears the most popular plays were Iowa State, Miss. St. and OU. Everything else seems relatively split. As always, you can access your picks and all the totals (located at the bottom of the page) by clicking on this link.

Let the goodness of Bowl Week wash over you.