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Mizzou Links, 12-6-11

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Mizzou Football Links

Lots of good UNC links here, but I cannot recommend Matt Waldman's Blaine Gabbert analysis enough. What is happening to Gabbert right now is precisely what I feared if he landed in a spot with little talent and got thrown into the deep end too early. All hope is not lost, but he's developed every single one of the bad habits we all feared he would. He isn't confidently stepping into the pocket, and last night, even when he timed a scramble exactly as he should, he randomly dropped the ball as he was running and had to bat it out of bounds. He is incredibly uncomfortable right now, and while it really isn't hard to see why, it still isn't a good thing.

  • Indy Bowl
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Why a Mountain West bowl for Missouri?
    Fox Sports MW: Independence Bowl chairman talks Mizzou
    PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son Tiger Tradition Has Roots vs. Carolina

    As Todd Donaho recounts in his book, "MizzouRah: Memorable Moments in Missouri Tiger Football History", the Tigers had just wrapped up a stunning, last-minute, 22-21 upset of No. 2 Ohio State. On the bus ride home back to Columbia, several of the cheerleaders discussed the OSU fans' cheers of "O-HI-O" during the game, and wondered if something similar could be done at Faurot Field.

    There were suggestions of one side of the stadium yelling, "M," and the other side responding, "U." One side could yell, "Black," the other side could yell, "Gold." According to [Jess] Bushyhead, it was at that point in the conversation that Mini-Mizzou member Cedric Lemmie chimed in and said, "How about M-I-Z - Z-O-U?" The idea for a new cheer had been born ...

    The next week, October 2, 1976, at Faurot Field against North Carolina, the band yelled, "M-I-Z" from its seats in the North end zone, and the cheerleaders replied back ("with their megaphones and P.A. system"), "Z-O-U." Because it was the first time ever for the chant, the fans didn't know if they should participate. It took several times before the cheer stuck, but by the end of the season, a new tradition had begun.

    CBS Sports: No love lost between Mizzou and the Big 12
    We Are Mizzou: Independence Bowl: Mizzou vs. UNC
  • Maty Mauk
    PowerMizzou: VIDEO: Mauk just misses title
  • Gabs
    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (Matt Waldman): Tuesday Morning Thoughts on Blaine Gabbert

    The only things I can count on are facts: Gabbert is the youngest quarterback in the league. His surrounding talent is Maurice Jones Drew and little else. There are a lot of quality starting quarterbacks that endured tough rookie seasons [...]

    Unfortunately, stats can’t cover up Gabbert’s behavior throwing the ball in the face of pressure. He may always perceive pressure too soon – Matt Ryan and Mike Vick do – but these fade away throws are a new issue. I’d be more skeptical if I had seen this behavior before, but I think it’s worth having an open mind heading into next year to see if there was more to this issue than meets the eye.

    At the very least, these issues make Blaine Gabbert one of the more compelling young players to monitor as an evaluator. There will be valuable lessons to learn either way Gabbert’s career plays out.

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Villanova #10 Tigers Face Villanova in Jimmy V Classic
    The Trib: Guarded Optimism for MU, Villanova
    The Missourian: Missouri excited to play at Madison Square Garden
    KC Star: Missouri set for center stage at Madison Square Garden
    The Nova Blog: Behind Enemy Lines: Missouri & Rock M Nation
  • We're No. 10! We're No. 10!
    KC Star: Mizzou, Kansas climb in polls
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou is flying high

    As he transitioned by necessity of numbers to a four-guard lineup, Haith has made it seem like a stroke of genius that's allowed him to take advantage of a surplus of guards who are experienced, quick and have the strength to finish plays and rebound.

    "Being small never really hurts them," Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said after MU dissected ND 87-58 in Kansas City.

    Sophomore guard Phil Pressey hasn't scored in the past two games, for instance, but flourished with 17 assists and just two turnovers.

    Unbound from the foul dynamic he came to have with Anderson, senior Kim English is virtually a new player, more dedicated to defense and rebounding and suddenly with a knack for knowing when to shoot and when to pass.

    Senior Ricardo Ratliffe might still fade in stretches but has been more aggressiveand accurate, hitting 22 of his past 24 field goals.

    Junior guard Michael Dixon doesn't want to be called a spark plug, but he's been just that coming off the bench, and senior forward Steve Moore shows signs of being able to control the tendency toward foul trouble that has held him back much of his career.

    Simply put, Haith has coaxed a team that was less than the sum of its parts last season to be better than those same parts suggested it could be this time around.

  • Hank's Sports Blog: Comparing The Big Three
  • Rush the Court: Checking In On... the Big 12


  • Mr. SEC: Mizzou's Pinkel Talks 8-Game SEC Schedule And A&M (But A 9-Game Schedule Will Come)
    The Trib: Pinkel discusses conference switch
    PowerMizzou: Pinkel on making the move to the SEC
  • The Missourian: Missouri budget cuts played role in switch to SEC
    KC Star: Missouri: Budget cuts played role in switch to SEC
  • SEC Dixie-nary: L is for Longevity SEC Dixie-nary: M is for Moneyball

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling Wrestling Claims Nine Open Titles
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Six Tigers Qualify for Olympic Team Trials


  • Yet Another Balotelli Link
    Dirty Tackle: Mario Balotelli struggles to decorate a Christmas cake