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Mizzou Links, 2-15-11

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Missourian: Missouri's Kim English addresses MU hate crime

    "We’ve came such a long way and still have such a long way to go," said English, who is black. "It’s a conservative state, close to the South. I wasn’t blinded to the fact coming out here. I mean, it’s happened two years in a row. I hope they catch the guys and kick them out of school, because what that guy does doesn’t represent what most people at the University of Missouri, or the state of Missouri, feel."

    Following Missouri’s win 84-61 win over Oklahoma on Saturday, English posted a message to his Twitter account. The message was simple. Those responsible for the spray painting were cowards. It wasn’t long before responses from some of his 4,926 followers started showing up.

    "When I tweeted that I got probably a couple hundred responses from my followers saying that 'That's not Mizzou,'" English said. "I respect that, and I understand that. We have a black head coach, a predominantly black team, a black president. Most of the nation doesn’t feel that way, but one idiot did."

  • KC Star: MU's defense has slipped, but it's working on wearing down opponents
  • Mizzou v. Tech Tonight Mizzou Basketball Hosts Texas Tech
    KBIA Sports Extra: What To Watch For: Mizzou vs. Texas Tech
  • Denmon
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): Anderson talks Denmon's health, English's confidence
    Post-Dispatch: Marcus Denmon shrugs off pain
  • KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Coaches, players discuss Ricky Kreklow's game against Oklahoma

Big 12 Basketball Links (subtitle: For One Night, E.M.A.W.)

Mizzou Football Links

  • PowerMizzou: 2012 Football Hot Board: Offense
  • We Are Mizzou: Former Tigers inducted into MU Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Gabbert
    Post-Dispatch: Will Gabbert be first QB taken in NFL draft?
    Yahoo! Sports: Fan reaction: Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert's place in the NFL Draft Blogs: QBs Newton, Gabbert will be top 10 picks
    Pro Football Talk: Examining whether the Bills could go QB with third pick

Big 12 Football Links

  • Tulsa World: The real Marcus Dupree: Former OU running back at peace with his life

Other Mizzou Links

  • We Are Mizzou: This Week in Mizzou Athletics
  • Mizzou Softball 2011 Softball Preview: Part One
  • Mizzou Baseball 2011 MU Baseball Preview: Pitching
  • Mizzou Wrestling
    The Trib: Down but not out, Tiger wrestlers rise
  • Mizzou Track & Field Tigers in the National Rankings